Official Turnover Statement

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  • Official Turnover Statement

    As many of you are currently aware, there have been multiple inquiries about the current state of the RPG, what with inactivity, the turnover, and the transference to a new board system. To cut the bullshit, here's the official statement:
    • The turnover has been put indefinitely on hold. Staff will redirect their energies on improving the current system and working with our available resources to make the remaining transitions through present issues go as smoothly as possible. While we're not ruling the possibility out, it could potentially take a couple of years to fully gear something of this magnitude. With that being said, this RPG will operate, and continue to operate, as if the notion of a turnover did not exist for the near and distant future.

    • Role-playing activity and expectations will go back to full swing. In order to kick the slump, we need everyone's help and cooperation.

    • The whole doom-sayer bit is counterproductive, and we don't need it. If you believe Chubbs is a sinking ship, feel free to jump. If you want to be helpful, come up with new constructive suggestions rather than shooting off commentary or rehashing old arguments.

    _=So wake me when it's through
    I don't want to feel the things that you do
    Don't worry, I'll be fine
    I just don't want this dream, wake me up inside=_