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    • [KoAII][1-3] Sample Scenarios

      Sample Scenarios

      I will be classifying assignments into levels, all with the goal to keep the participants challenged with the varying degrees of difficulty. It will be posted in your scenario which level you've received. Level difficulties all have the chance to earn Bonus Points, which will help determine bracket ranks, winners, etc.

      Level One

      Scenario: You’ve been shipped off to Iraq. Detail your experiences, and at least one death in your infantry, as well as one kill from an opposing force.

      POV: 1st person narrative

      [Bonus: 15 points for winner over 95 points]

      Level Two

      Scenario: You are an actor for a popular television sitcom, and your company, Universal Broadcasting, has noticed a decline in ratings. They have talked about doing something drastic to help bring ratings back up, including killing off your character, who is the lead role. You love your company, and your salary, and cannot fathom leaving such a rewarding career.

      Your rivals, Cannonvision Inc., has taken an interest in your employment, however, they can only offer about 60% of what you are paid now for UB, however, they will guarantee more airtime in more shows.

      Can you impress your employers enough to keep your job, or will you sign with a rival company for a slightly lower pay cut, but more airtime?

      POV: third person past tense

      [bonus: 30 points for winner over 95 points]

      Level Three

      Scenario: You are the ruler of a kingdom during the late 1500’s, and a nearby clan is speaking of mutiny over your ‘unfair’ treatment and unnecessary taxes. They’re speaking of complete annihilation of the entire royal family. Your adviser has sent spies to check if the rumors are true, and they return the confirmation that in three days, a siege will be laid on the castle. Document your actions, any calls for assistance, and the resolution.

      POV: Third Person past or present tense.
      [bonus: 50 points winner 95 points]

      These levels are all random, so even a round one challenge may be a third level scenario, it all depends. I will be randomizing encounters and scenario pairs.

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