[KoaII][Round One]Burter VS Amadeus

  • [KoaII][Round One]Burter VS Amadeus

    Scenario: Your overcurious nature has gotten you into trouble! While venturing around a super secret lab out in the desert, you come across a tubelike contraption that strangely resembles a bed. You decide to lay down on it, but the tube suddenly closes around you and you are frozen in time for 500 years. Detail the events that encompass the time period from before you were frozen, and the time afterwards.

    POV: 3rd person past tense

    Level: 2 Medium

    [Bonus: 30 points for winner over 90%]

    INSTRUCTIONS: PM me your assignment within 5 days! If entries are not received, the person who did will be graded and win the round, and you will be eliminated automatically and receive no consolation prizes.

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  • [KoaII][Round One]Burter VS Amadeus


    Snow. That was the only thing present in the land far north. The
    substance filled the surface and air as far as the eye could see and
    there was seemingly no end to it. As such, it was only logical that most
    people, even those used to harsh einviorments, avoided the frozen
    wasteland. Nevertheless, there was a person that braved through the
    snowy desert. Dressed in heavy polyester clothing and carrying a
    backpack filled with equipment and supplies, the young man walked
    onward in spite of the inhospitable weather.

    Darius countinued his journey deeper into the snow storm, his feet
    thrudging through the watery substance lying on the ground. For most
    people, snow was nothing but a nuisance. Water in semi-solid form which
    blocked the roads and forced them to clear their yards. But for Darius,
    it was one of the most beautiful aspects of nature. Every winter, he
    would move his hazlenut eyes to look through the window in hopes of
    seeing falling snow. But with each passing year, his moments of joy
    were becoming less frequent. Due to global warming, snow was becoming
    a rarity, even in areas where in the past it was not out of place for
    there to be a metre of it. After being forced to live through another
    winter with nearly no snowfall, it seemed like visiting the land of
    eternal snow was the perfect location for his next journey abroad. For
    while poets saw winter and all its elements as symbols of death, Darius
    saw them as symbols of rebirth.

    But he was not thinking of that as he was considering his situation at
    the time. Despite his rather stubborn effort, the heavy weather was
    quickly sapping his strength and he needed rest. However, the strong
    wind was preventing him from placing a tent. As such, he searched for
    a good place to dig a shelter and rest for the day.

    Due to the heavy snowfall and his own deep thoughts, Darius did not see
    that he was approaching an object and almost smashed into it. Once he
    realised its presence and examined it, he was stunned. Standing in the
    middle of nowhere was a minor concrete structure. It was difficult to
    see from afar due to its simplistic design and lairs of snow upon it,
    but the young man was certain it was there. He was perplexed. He was
    certain there was no station in the polar desert as he was well informed
    about the area. His curiosity overcame his fatigue as he
    noticed the entrance in the form of a metallic door. Carefully
    approaching it, he grabbed the handle with his gloved hand and gently
    pressed it. As the doors gave way, he entered the building.

    If the sheer existance of the complex was not suprising enough, Darius
    was even more shocked by its content. The entrance room was filled with
    computers and technological contraptions he had never seen before. The
    only table in the room was filled with research material and papers.
    Exploring the enclosed space with his eyes, the explorer thought he had
    indeed discovered a research station that he was unaware of. However,
    none of the devices were working and the room seemed abandonded.

    "Hello?" he asked loudly as he closed the door behind him. But other
    then the whistling sound of the wind he heard before the door silenced
    it, there was no response. Moving deeper into the room, his attention
    was caught by a large tube-like device that layed silently in the
    corner. Stretching from it was a platform with comfortable cushions. It
    looked like a rather strange bed. This reminded Darius of how fatigued
    he felt. Although he hated doing so without permission, he decided to
    rest until the inhabitants of the building returned. He hoped they would
    understand he was tired. Taking off his heavy backpack and placing it
    next to the wall, the young man collapsed onto the platform without
    taking off his clothing. He closed his eyes and was ready to fall asleep

    Suddenly, all the devices in the room came alive. Before the young man
    could coprehend what happened, the platform, along with Darius, was
    pulled into the tube-like machine and closed behind it. As blue neonic
    lights turned on within the small chamber, the young man banged the
    walls and shouted for help. But it was to no avail as the unknown
    procedure countinued. Darius suddenly felt a cold sensation within his
    lungs. Without realising it, his brain began to function in a slower
    pace and he was banging the walls almost entirely by instinct. A few
    moments later, his fruitless endeavor ceased and darkness overcame him.


    Numbness. That is what Darius felt when he had returned to his senses.
    As his body was slowly returning to full function, his ears were reached
    by the sound of a mechanical moving. A nearby voice spoke:"He is alive
    and regaining consciousness."

    Strangely, it sounded quite static, as if it was coming from a radio.
    Opening his eyes, he was immediatly blinded by powerful light. As he
    rose his hand to defend himself from it, he realised his whole body
    felt heavy. Suddenly, the light was shifted, allowing him to see things
    more clearly. He was in a room, which he remembered was the entrance
    room of the facility he had found. Standing next to him was a pair of
    black-dressed people who wore unusual gas masks on their faces and
    held strange flashlights. Looking
    at the shape of their bodies, which was evident due to the synthetic
    design of their clothing, he realised they were a man and a woman. Both
    of them looked at him through the dark lenses on their masks. Suddenly,
    the female figure spoke to him: "Who are you? What is your name?"

    As Darius rose himself into a sitting position, the woman countinued to
    ask the same question in diffrent dialects while the man examined him
    with a strange device and commented how his lifesigns were stable. As
    he became fully aware of his senses, he realised that he was soakingly
    wet. Looking at the woman, who had just spoken in one of the Chinese
    dialects, he slowly replied:"I...I understood you the first time. My...
    my name is...Darius Phoenix..."

    "Ah, he understands English. That should make things simpler," commented
    the unknown man as he stopped examining Darius and looked at him. "Do
    you know where you are?"

    "Not...not exactly," replied the young man as he attempted to think
    clearly."I was exploring this polar desert...and...looking for a good
    place to make a shelter when I....when I found this building. What..
    what happened?"

    "You were placed in a cryonic sleep. An error in our scaners accidently
    examined this location. That is how we discovered this building. Do you
    have any idea who placed you into the chamber?"

    "No. I...I was just so tired that I lied down and then suddenly all the
    devices went off and I was...pulled into the machine. Last thing I
    remember was banging from the inside and shouting for help," came the
    reply a lot more clearly.

    "I see. Mister Phoenix, I am going to ask you an important question and
    I need you to think of the answer clearly," spoke the man again in a
    slow and polite manner. "What year is it?"

    Darius looked at him, perplexed at the question:"Em...it is 2008. You
    remember that, do you not?"

    The pair moved their heads to look at each other while the explored
    switched his gaze from one to another, not understanding why they did
    not answer and wondering if the question was some sort of a unusual
    joke. As both of them turned their attention towards him again, the
    woman slowly replied:"Mr.Phoenix, it was 2008 when you entered cryonic
    sleep. The current year...is 2508."

    "What?" Darius asked, quite certain he did not hear clearly."

    "The current year is 2508. You have been in the chamber for half of the

    The young man looked at the two, obviously incapable of understanding
    anything. Was this some sort of a twisted joke? But then again, why
    would they go deep into a polar desert just to make a prank? He
    remembered that people are placed into a cryonic sleep in order to be
    revived in the future. Was it possible...that they were telling the

    As he sat there in disbelief, the black-dressed pair grabbed him on the
    sides and carried him towards the door which was open. His heart froze
    as he realised the full weight of the words the woman told him. His
    home, his family, his friends, his career...everything that was a part
    of his life was now gone. As he was taken outside, Darius being
    completely unaware of the calm conditions and the sun high in the sky,
    the fact finnaly sank into him. The world he had lived and known is long
    gone...and nothing would ever be the same.

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  • [KoaII][Round One]Burter VS Amadeus




    [SIZE=2]Vad: Found my dicks btw
    Vad: *DISCS
    Kaz: XD!!!!XDXDXD!!
    Kaz: oh man
    Kaz: that was an awesome typo!
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