[KoAII][Round Two]Amadeus VS Uno

    • [KoAII][Round Two]Amadeus VS Uno

      Scenario: You are a homeless person who’s managed to keep away from the lures of drugs and alcohol, and some random rich guy comes along and gives you a great deal of money in return for your help on a project he’s working on. Please describe your experience, whether it changed you for the better, or worse.

      POV: Interview style. You can play this out as a script, but the interviewer asks you questions, and you answer them. Your interviewer is Oprah.

      Level:3 Hard

      [Bonus Points have been Eleminated]

      INSTRUCTIONS: PM me your assignment within 5 days! If entries are not received, the person who did will be graded and win the round, and you will be eliminated automatically and receive no consolation prizes.

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    • [KoAII][Round Two]Amadeus VS Uno


      Oprah Winfrey: Hello, I’m the amazing Oprah Winfrey! And with me is Mr. Jenkins. Welcome Jenkins.

      Hobo Jenkins: Thank you, but please call me Hobo.

      Oprah: Ok then Hobo; let’s get right down into this interview.

      Jenkins: Hit me with your best shot.

      Oprah: I hate that song. You’re not getting a car anymore. But I digress. Hobo, tell me, why am I interviewing you today?

      Jenkins: Well Oprah, it may come off as a surprise to you, but I was once a poor, homeless person.

      Oprah: Oh my!

      Jenkins: Then one day, Mr. Warren Slim Gates came to me and offered to change my life for the better.

      Oprah: I see! Well then Hobo, let’s begin at the beginning. How did you become a hobo in the first place?

      Jenkins: I believe I have been a Hobo since my parents named me that. I always thought that was a weird name…

      Oprah: Oh no, honey. I meant, how did you become a homeless person?

      Jenkins: Ah, that would make a lot more sense. Well, it all happened when three things in my life were taken away from me. Those were my parents, my house, and my dog, Jose. All three were lost in a terrible hurricane, followed by an earthquake, and finally a large fire.

      Oprah: Oh my, how horrible!

      Jenkins: It was the worst moment in my life. I was a young boy back then, at the tender age of twenty-seven. I had no family, no money, and no chance at survival. But I vowed to change that! I stood up after that fateful day and I shouted to the world that I, Hobo Jenkins, would one day reclaim those three precious things that I lost. I lived in the gutters, surviving off food scraps and spare change. I knew that drugs would slow me down on my quest, so I cast them aside. I kept fighting and fighting for what seemed like centuries, but I never quit, no matter how hard it was on me.

      Oprah: Did you succeed?

      Jenkins: I failed miserably. However, I ran into Mr. Gates, who offered to give me eleven million dollars in exchange for a project he was working on.

      Oprah: Is that so? What happened next?

      Jenkins: Well first I asked him what his project was. I was worried it was one of those, “projects,” if you know what I mean. I didn’t know if he wanted me to “inspect his basement with my chimney sweeper,” if you know what I mean. Eleven million dollars is eleven million dollars, but I didn’t want to get ass raped, if you know what I mean. I have nothing against you gay folk, but I just don’t want to get raped.

      Oprah: Neither would I. So, what was this project?

      Jenkins: Oh, nothing too special. It was just a high powered battle suit. Mr. Gates said that after he saw Iron Man, he thought he could top what Tony Starks could do.

      Oprah: Interesting, but what did he need you for?

      Jenkins: He wanted me to be a living target. I thought he was just kidding around, so I went along with him. Then we entered his experimental bunker, which had all sorts of cool gadgets. It was like the Batcave, only much cooler. Anyway, we finally reached his suit, which looked a lot like a pile of scrap wielded together. Once Mr. Gates donned his suit and powered it up, I knew he wasn’t joking. At first, he started firing some machine guns all over the place, trying his best to shoot me. I retained my calm demeanor by running away while flailing my arms around and screaming like a little girl. There were some missiles and a flamethrower as well, but I managed to dodge long enough for his suit to explode. You may have remembered how Mr. Gates went to the hospital a few weeks ago. Well, now you know why. And even though he tried to kill me, he still gave me my millions.

      Oprah: Wow, Hobo, that is incredible. What did you do after you got his money?

      Jenkins: I did everything that I wished I could do. I rebuilt my burnt home just the way it was. I found a beautiful girl that I hope to marry. And I found the little puppy from my late pet, Jose. Everything is perfect.

      Oprah: That is beautiful, Hobo. Last question, how has this whole experience changed your life?

      Jenkins: I think this event has defiantly changed me for the better. My life went from happy, to hell, to crazy, and back to happy again. I thought I had everything, only for it all to be taken from me. Then I went through the life of the homeless, and I saw how tough they had it. Then I met the insanity of what money could do to people. It got me thinking. Can I really be living in a country where people beg to survive while others roll around in their own wealth? That is why I donated ten million dollars to those that really needed it. I don’t need all of that money to be happy. As long as I have my family, my friends, and a place of residents, I will live a long, happy life.

      Oprah: That was a very touching story, Hobo. You know what, you are getting that car. Thank you for your time.

      Jenkins: It was my pleasure.

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    • [KoAII][Round Two]Amadeus VS Uno


      Oprah: "Welcome and thanks for watching. In stories that we loved as kids, we always read about heroes that did good and got
      to live happily ever after. But as we all know, things are diffrent in real life. In reality, not every hero is recognised
      and this show is dedicated to them. This show is dedicated to people that did good deeds at great risk to themselves, but
      were never rewarded or shown proper respect for it. Beacuse of that, the name of the today`s program is "Unknown Heroes" in
      which we will introduce you to some of the heroic people we managed to track down. I would like to start here today with our
      first guest. He is a British citizen who came to the US to follow his dreams of settling and making a family, only to find
      himself in a nightmare which didn`t improve when he tried to do the right thing. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome
      Martin Keynes."

      *the crowd in the studio claps as a well-dressed young man comes onto the stage. He smillingly waves to the crowd, shakes
      hands with Oprah and sits down onto the couch*

      Oprah:"Waw, Martin, you look..."smashing", I think you would say.

      Martin:"Thank you, Oprah. It feels really nice to be clean and shaved for a change."

      Oprah:"Yeah, I can tell the diffrence. We literally found this man on the street and now look at him! I think we have a
      picture how he looked like when we found him. Oh, there it is."

      *the screen behind them reveals a earlier picture of Martin with a long beard, dirty clothing and a pink winter cap*

      Oprah:"Do you see that? What a diffrence!"

      *the crowd claps again*

      Oprah:"So Martin, tell us about yourself. You were born in England, right?"

      Martin:"Yes, I was born and lived in Dover, a port city in England."

      Oprah:"It must be really nice to be born on the seaside. But how did you end up in the streets of New York? That`s quite a
      long way from home."

      Martin:"Well, when I was 19, I met an American exchange student named Jessica. We fell madly in love, or at least I did, and
      preety soon we wanted to get married and have a family. But since we lived so much apart from one another, it was obviously
      a problem *Oprah nods* and she really wanted to go back to the States. So against my parents wishes, I scrapped up all my
      life savings and moved over here where we hastingly got married and I got my green card.

      *Martin takes a small pause during which his face becomes obviously very grim*

      But it ended preety soon and we got a divorce. But her uncle is a excellent lawyer and your law system is quite brutal. When
      the whole thing was over, I was stripped of everything except the clothes on me."

      Oprah:"Waw, that is sad. But didn`t you try to talk to the British embassy here in the States about possibly going back?"

      Martin: "Yes, I have. Several times, in fact. The first time they said they would look into the matter. But after that, they
      dismissed me as a beggar and their security guard asked me to leave."

      Oprah:"I...I really don`t know what to say. How did you manage to survive?"

      Martin:"As best as I could. It was hard, as I had nowhere to go and I could not find a job. Personally, I was always suprised
      how some people like me managed to buy alcohol and drugs. Even without my morality, I was already hard pressed to find food."

      Oprah:"So you managed to stay away from stuff like that. That`s great."

      *the crowd claps yet again*

      Oprah:"So you struggled to get through the day and this way your reality for quite a while. *Martin nods* But something
      happened earlier this year in January, didn`t it?

      Martin:"Yes. I was trying to find at least a somewhat warm place to stay for the night when I was approached by a man. I
      remember being really shocked since everyone called me a "bum" and were far away from me as possible. He seemed like a
      pleasant man with glasses and a ordinary black coat. He held a blue bag in one hand. In any case, he adressed me and said
      that he was in a hurry, but really needed to deliver the bag, so he asked me to do it. I barely had a second to think about
      it, but then he said he would pay me and I would get more when I delivered it. He took a nice leather wrapping out of his
      pocket and gave it to me. I opened it and found in it 100 dollars in small currency. Since I was desperate and he seemed
      sincere enough, I agreed."

      Oprah:"So you took the money and the bag. Then what?"

      Martin:"The man told me where I needed to go and I went to the subway. As I sat on the train, I really wondered what was in
      the bag. I am immensly curious by nature and I really wondered what was so important that he needed it delivered immediatlly.
      So when I went down at the station I was supposed to, I went to the nearest public bathroom and opened it just to ease my
      mind. In it, I found several packages of cocain."

      Oprah *shocked*:"Cocain?! Waw, that must have put you in a bad position."

      Martin:"Indeed, it did. I really needed the money, but I...I just was not able to hold the though that I was helping people
      destroy their lives or even kill themselves. My conscience just overburdened me. So I took the bag to the nearest police
      station. I told them what I told you, but they did not belive me. They thought I was a dealer and wanted to arrest me."

      Oprah:"Did they arrest you?"

      Martin:"No. When they checked my pockets, they found my subway ticket. I have a habit to always save my receipts and
      tickets. Anyway, it proved my story was true and they looked deeper into the matter. On the leather wrapping the man gave me,
      they discovered his fingerprint and were able to track him down soon after that. It turned out that he was a man who got
      rich by selling drugs and used beggars as a means of delivery. After that, I was released."

      Oprah:"Well, Martin, I have to say that is one of the most remarkable stories I ever heard. What you did was great."

      *the crowd loudly claps while Martin looks as if he felt akward*

      Martin:"What I did was nothing special. I think many people would do the same."

      Oprah:"Still, it was remarkable what you did in your position. And what are your plans for the future?"

      Martin:"I...do not know. I hope to find a job and earn enough money to go back to Britain. I really miss my family and
      friends back at home."

      Oprah:"There is no place like home. Well, let me first say I am sorry it was so terrible for your here in the States. I hope
      things will become better for you. Meanwhile, me and the cast have a little present for you. *a man brings Oprah an envelope
      * When we find out about you, we figured it was time you got rewarded for your good deed. So here, I have a first class
      ticket to London, so you can go and see your family again."

      Martin:"That is...I...Oh god....."

      *Martin covers his mouth as the crowd makes a great round of applause*

      Oprah*excitedly*:"You`re going home, Martin! You`re going home!"

      *a tricle of tears appear on Martin`s face as he exchanges a hug with Oprah and the crowd countinues to clap*

      Martin:"I...I really do not know what to say. Thank you, I have been waiting for so long..."

      Oprah:"No need to thank me, you earned it. Ladies and gentleman, another applause for Martin."

      *the crowd makes another round of applause. Martin looks at the envelope red faced from tears of joy as Oprah turns to the

      Oprah:"This is why we have todays show! To show people that there are people out there that truly deserve recognision for
      their noble actions. Thank you, Martin Keynes, for sharing your story with us and we wish you a safe trip. As for you, ladies
      and gentleman, we will be back with more heroic tales after a short break.

      *the crowd claps as Oprah engages in further conversation with Martin*

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    • [KoAII][Round Two]Amadeus VS Uno




      [SIZE=2]Vad: Found my dicks btw
      Vad: *DISCS
      Kaz: XD!!!!XDXDXD!!
      Kaz: oh man
      Kaz: that was an awesome typo!
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