Do not use "Quick Reply"

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    • Do not use "Quick Reply"

      The "Quick Reply" button at the bottom of a post form has been found to be a cause of double-posting in the forums. There is some kind of random glitch involved, and we do not know why, but we do know it to be a culprit of double-posting. In order to help prevent this, all posters and role-players are strongly recommended to hit "Go Advanced > Submit Reply" instead. It only takes a couple of extra seconds, and will save everyone time and hassle for the adjustment of XP, the deletion of the offending post, and figuring out any discrepancies as a result. Hopefully, we will see a reduction in the amount of double-post fix requests. If you still have a problem with them, please file for staff correction in the Questions and Suggestions forum.

      Your cooperation is appreciated. Thank you very much.

      _=So wake me when it's through
      I don't want to feel the things that you do
      Don't worry, I'll be fine
      I just don't want this dream, wake me up inside=_