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      In efforts to improve our customer service in the Updates forum, staff has decided to allow people to take care of their own character biographies. Members will now be able to reply to their own Rosters (Rosters, not Training Threads) to post their character biographies, and have permission to edit them indefinitely. This means that once you post, you can edit it to your heart’s content without a timer. In doing so, you the member have one less thing you need to wait on staff to do. Hopefully, this will encourage more members to be active in their character’s background information. The more thorough you are, the better grasp everyone else can have on your character, which helps improve group or saga role-playing, and helps us get a little more interested in other stories! Here are a couple examples of some great biographies:


      These are just a few, as there are other awesome biographies.

      During this process, we also changed some of the forum permissions. Any and all IC forums will be unable to edit their posts after they make them, including the OOC sub-forums in sagas. So be sure to double-check your posts before you make them, because after they’re up, that’s that. This also ensures that XP is being awarded correctly, whether it is due to people short-changing themselves by adding content, or inflating their counts by removing content.

      We also will not take kindly to people whom post on other character’s Roster threads. Disciplinary action will occur on a first offense. Treat it exactly like you would in the Updates forum: stay in your own thread!

      _=So wake me when it's through
      I don't want to feel the things that you do
      Don't worry, I'll be fine
      I just don't want this dream, wake me up inside=_

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