Name: Fuel [Unique]

    • Name: Fuel [Unique]

      I'm declaring that I am taking this Quest.

      Thats what I have to do right?

      EDIT by Kaden:

      Name: Fuel [Unique]
      Difficulty: Hard
      Description: The mega intergalactic fuel company TyrantOil have recently discovered Namek. While performing an indepth scan of the planet's constituents, they believe they have located a huge, untapped cache of starship fuel that would make them even more ridiculously wealthy. Expecting resistance from locals, TyrantOil have enlisted the services of a secretive mercenary agency to "liberate" a particular island of a Namekian village and to begin drilling before anything resembling authorities can stand in and stop them. Bolstered by their own droid force, TyrantOil need to be annexed from Namek before they cause untold devastation to the rebuilding ecosystem.

      Reb: ya know
      Reb: I think you're a fucking moron OOC
      Reb: but I have to hand it to you
      Reb: you've become a really great writer

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