Project Terra

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    • Project Terra

      I have no idea if I'll call it that, but that'll work for now. I'll add all my info here as I make it. Comments and criticism is welcome.

      The basic idea right now is that it's set somewhere in the year 2530 or something. Earth is hella depleted, leaving only a small section of Europe's continent covered in a dome. The ozone layer is down to 20% and slowly declining despite all efforts. Earth was evacuated at some point, maybe 100 years ago. Numbers aren't definite yet.

      More of the universe has been explored, a planet was marked as livable for humans, so most of earth was evacuated. Millions of people died. Over the years, there have been biological changes to humans to fit space travel. The new planet will face the same problems as earth, unless they can find ways to replenish the ecosystem. There are still scientists on earth trying to find a way to replenish Earth's ozone and make it livable again.

      Space travel and exploration is encouraged to find resources that will help with the ongoing projects. Alien contact has been made, revealing a myriad of species we never knew existed.

      There will be "classes" along with races that can be played. People will work to collect certain ores, gems, and other stuff. There's gonna be upgradeable weapons and items, ships, as well as enhancements. Stats, along with racial and class stats.

      That's mostly what I have so far. Oh, and quests/missions. It'll all be very sci-fi.