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    • Statistical Stuff

      Chubbs Anyria RPG

      Character Sheet (magic-user)
      Name: Bill Yen
      Race(?): Human
      Faction: Ink
      Sex: MAAAAAN
      Slots: Fire (Racial), Wind, Empty, Empty
      Tek – 10%
      Song – 10%
      Ink – 60%
      Physical – 20%
      Flamethrower (1 Wind, 1 Fire)
      Flame Barrier (1 Wind, 1 Fire)
      Fireball (2 Fire, 1 Wind)
      Eruption (2 Fire)
      Gale Step (2 Wind)
      Inventory: Fire Crystal (1), Earth Crystal (2)

      Character Breakdown

      The two biggest separations in race are between the non-magic users and the magic-users. Non-magic-users, however, all fall within the same racial umbrella, sharing relatively similar racial features. Magic-users, because of their exposure to raw magic over the years, began to diversify.

      In many cases, magic seems to have mutated mages, giving birth to unique features. Sometimes these mutations are extreme, such as a prehensile tail or a pair of wings, while other times it is much more subtle such as having cat-like pupils or an otherwise unnatural hair color. While there seems to be no discernable patterns to how and why these mutations occur, there is another change that has happened over the years that is much more obvious. Each person capable of wielding magic has an affinity for a specific element. This manifests in the game as each person having a permanent “slot” with a crystal their have an affinity with.

      There are four factions in Anyria, each relies, primarily, on a separate method of casting magic. Tek faction uses crystals in their raw form, integrating the crystal itself into mechanisms. Guns, golems, and vehicles are all common sights among Tek users. Song magic uses crystals in a couple of different forms. Song magic has its roots in crushing crystals into a powder, inhaling the powder through the mouth, and then speaking incantations or singing songs to invoke magic. That later evolved into placing crystals into wands, most commonly, and using them as a microphone to create the same effect. Ink magic also involves crushing crystals into a powder, but that powder is then used to create ink. The magic ink can then be used on people, allowing them to be more direct conduits of magic energy, or they can draw glyphs and runes to create magical effects at fixed locations.

      (Make less and less sense to me as being important to the character. Replace with “Race”? Or change “Race” to “Faction” or something like that. Don’t need both.)


      Magic is based on the use of elemental crystals. Players must carry around crystals in order to use their magics. Carrying around multiple crystals of a given element (for example, filling three slots with Fire crystals) will allow for stronger spells of that element. Crystals can be purchased by players and then go to their Inventory. The crystals in a character’s slots are considered their “active” crystals and determine which spells a player can cast. If they want to switch crystals, they can do so. This will allow players to either specialize in a specific element, filling their slots with one type of crystal to use very powerful spells, or have a wide variety of spells for any situation.

      Players start with a set number of slots (2 or 3) and can purchase more slots as they RP. Slots themselves can be RPed however they want, be it a more elaborate wand, or a tattoo that they continue to add to their body, or simply a bag in which they store crystals to put into machines.

      Questions: how many slots someone starts with? At what interval can people change crystals? (I assume crystal swapping mid-fight isn’t something we want people to be able to do; maybe be able to spend XP switch mid-fight?)


      Any magic character can use any of the types of magic. The different stats determine the effectiveness with which a character can use a given type of spells. For example, Bill Yen has 20% Song magic. If Bill and John use the same spell, we’ll call it Song of Fire, and John has 40% song, then, ostensibly, John’s song would be twice as strong as Bill’s.

      Some remaining questions: can characters have 0% of a magic? Makes sense if they want to completely give up a style of magic in order to be stronger in the other magics.


      Basically the Anyria version of DBZ’s “Custom Tech” system. A character posts something like “I want to buy the following spell” and the staff relies with what the XP cost will be and what crystals the spells would require. We see some different examples of this in Bill Yen’s spells. His Flamethrower uses a fire crystal to create fire and then a wind crystal to spray it over an area. Fireball uses a fire crystal to create a ball of fire, a fire crystal to cause an explosion, and a wind crystal to propel it to their target. Alternatively, staff could just tell a player how many crystals a spell would cost and Spells could have a fixed cost. Depends on how XP-gain works.

      This is where people store unused items, such as inactive crystals and relics.

      Character Sheet (non-magic)

      Name: Bill Yen
      Race(?): Human
      Sex: MAAAAAN
      Strength– 10%
      Speed – 10%
      Defense – 60%
      Resistance – 20%
      Stone Skin (Defense)
      Fissure Strike (Strength)
      Twister (Speed)
      Inventory: Shield of Reflecting, Power Stone (2), Gauntlet of Flame (2 Charges)

      Differences from Magic-User

      The biggest difference between mages and non-mages is their physical prowess. While mages channel magical energy outward using crystals as catalysts, non-mages are capable of amazing physical feats. They channel their energies inward to give them superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. While mages can this to a small degree, they are nowhere near as physically powerful as non-mages.

      The non-magic form of spells. In this instance we have a character with three skills. Stone Skin would be a defensive skill that steels them against a physical strike (or other form of physical harm, such as a mage hurling a boulder at them), Fissure Strike which attacks a target by hitting the ground hard enough to cause a fissure to shoot outwards, and Twister which strike at multiple targets by spinning at high speed. Each Skill is attached to a Stat just to give a feel for how powerful it is intended to be. This also lets players kind of show how their character fights (a character with a million skills all tied to the same stat should be pretty obvious).

      Like Mages, non-mages are capable of carrying around items. While this could, potentially, be crystals it wouldn’t make much sense because they can’t use them. There will be, however, Relics available for use that allow non-mages to spend money to mimic magic-like effects. Gauntlet of Flame, for example, can be charged with magical energy, allowing it to shoot fireballs. The Shield of Reflecting turns aside a spell to keep the user safe. A Power Stone might give the user a temporary boost in strength. Some relics will allow for repeated uses, some will be one-time use, some will need to be charged, and other may only let someone use them once over a fixed period of time (one teleport per-fight, for example).

      "It's on my brain, driving me insane.  It's on my mind, all of
      the time, and if it left... I would be fine.

    • Lore

      Anyria Lore

      Camden, Alanyia, Balron, Tannis, Felnar

      Lightning Region – Elmont (Camden)
      Fire Region – Forar (Alanyia)
      Earth Region – Myrn (Tannis)
      Water Region – Hal’lal (Felnar)
      Air Region – Latlan (Balron)

      Non-magic-region – Amoria

      Part One: Arthran D’Elmont

      One Thousand years ago, the first magic user was born. A man of incredible power and influence, Athran D’Elmont wielded powers never before heard of. Some hailed him as a god, some as a demon. Regardless of what they thought of him, though, everyone expected great things from him. Truly, the whole of Anyria had their eyes on this single man. D’Elmont, as it turned out, would not let them down.

      With seemingly complete control over the elements, Athran could crush mountains, flood lands, or blot out the sun with endless rains. He did none of those things, though. The era into which Athran was born was one of war and conflict. There were no true regions with no true leaders. Mankind was only just learning to mine ore and craft weapons and armor from metal. Whoever was the strongest was the person how gave the orders. Arthran had his sights set on a goal much nobler than conquering a couple of tribes.

      In a world where the strongest ruled, a man who could bend the very forces of nature to his will was king. It did not take long at all for D’Elmont to subdue the tribes around him, reigning in the aggressive natures they had known. Athran began to centralize the people under his rule, creating the first true city Anyria had ever known: Vesaria. Soon after the founding of Vesaria, people began coming to D’Elmont without him having to seek them out.

      Using his magical powers, Athran was able to provide everything the city needed: running rivers of water, fertile plains for farming, and natural walls of stone for defense. Truly, Athran was every bit the magnanimous man of vision that Anyria needed. Knowing that the people looked to him, Athran took a wife and officially crowned himself King of Anyria. King Arthran and Queen Calmia were equal parts respected and feared, all knowing that their reign was absolute.

      Shortly after the birth of Arthran’s only son, Talin, the king received a premonition. Something horrible was poised to strike not only his kingdom, but all of Anyria. A massive crystal, large enough to rend the entire land asunder, would be striking them from the sky. Knowing that such a disaster had to be averted, Athran prepared himself for what was to come.

      The crystalline meteor neared Anyria, everyone across the land turning to watch as the scion of destruction blotted out the sky. Drawing out the whole of his magical strength, Athran’s powers cut through the sky, driving into the meteor and crushing it within a maelstrom of magical might. The spell could be seen across all of Anyria in an event that would come to be known as The Shattering.

      So powerful a feat did not come without a cost, however. Athran D’Elmont gave his life that day, sacrificing himself. It was said that he passed with a smile on his face, content in his knowledge that the land he had united, his land, would be safe from catastrophe. Small flecks of the crystalline meteor trickled down from the sky, illuminating the land as the glittered in the sun’s light. It was as though Anyria itself was praising the king’s sacrifice.

      Part Two: The Divide

      While The Shattering had been a miracle for most of Anyria, it had meant destruction for some. Above Vesaria, it looked as though the crystal had been destroyed outright. In fact, significant portions of the crystal had survived Athran’s blast and proceeded towards the land below. In two places did Anyria feel the wrath of the crystal’s descent. One such place was virtually empty, not more than an open plane once inhabited by people that had since moved to Vesaria.

      The people of Amoria, however, were struck full-on. The Amorians were a people not unlike those living in Vesaria. They had rallied around a wise and charismatic leader known as Darus. Hearing of Athran’s efforts to unite the land and its people, Darus had set out to do the same. Though he did not possess D’Elmont’s gift of magic, his mind and tongue were more refined than any in the land. Being born into a warring era, though, he was also no stranger to combat. Though his physical prowess was only just above average, when combined with his unique mind, he was second only to Athran himself.

      While Darus initially intended to extend good will towards Athran and offer to work towards a common goal together, his pride stayed his offer to the sorcerer-king. He felt that Athran’s role in the world should have been his. Were it not for D’Elmont’s magics, he would be the ruler of the land, for he was just as ambitious and, in actuality, much smarter than D’Elmont. His was a mind and vision forged in strife and tempered by his indomitable will.

      Darus’s pride had trickled down to his people, who had chosen to have nothing to do with Vesaria or the self-proclaimed King D’Elmont. There bore no ill-will towards their brethren in Vesaria, but they viewed Athran’s gifts as being handed out while they worked for what they had. While they were never out-right aggressive to the rest of Anyria, that attitude did end up fostering a sense of superiority in the Almorians.

      The Shattering would be the most significant event in the history of Almoria. Of the two pieces of crystal that struck the ground, the larger of the two drove itself straight into the heart of Almoria. Most of the population was destroyed by the impact and the land itself was crushed beneath the force. What had once been Almoria was rendered no more than a crater.

      Darus himself survived the impact, having set to take more people under his wing. He felt the crystal’s impact and fell to his knees, knowing in his heart he would have no home to return to. When Darus returned and witnessed the destruction that D’Elmont had inadvertently wrought, he did not speak for months. The talents that he had once turned towards building a noble nation began warping, twisted by his anger and hatred for D’Elmont and what he had done.

      Part Three: Talin and the White Wall

      Decades past after The Shattering with little turmoil. Calma, the reigning Queen had quickly prepared for grabs at the throne, but they never came. It seemed as though Athran’s final act was not saving Anyria, but blessing it with a time of peace. There were arguments and clashes as anyone might expect, but nothing that Athran’s son, Talin, wouldn’t be able to handle.

      Just after his twentieth birthday, on the anniversary of The Shattering, Talin was crowned the King of Anyria and it was then that he revealed his magical prowess to the world. Though by no means the mage that his father had been, Talin had been granted powers as his father had and vowed, at his coronation, to use them to lead Anyria to prosperity.

      That prosperity, however, would not last long. While the Queen had been working to stabilize the land and ensure Vesaria’s safety, Darus had been gathering followers and building an army. His thirst for vengeance would be sated by nothing less than the blood of D’Elmont’s family. He would see Vesaria crushed beneath his might as Almoria had been beneath Athran’s.

      Leading his army north from the crater that had once been Almoria, it was not long before Darus was knocking on Vesaria’s door. His soldiers had crafted crude weapons to siege the city with. Rams of wood and stone struck at the city’s gates. Troops were carried to the top of walls by machines of Darus’s own creation; though little more than boxes on stilts, the machines delivered troops directly into Vesaria.

      The Almorian force was significantly smaller than Vesaria’s, but they were strong, well-trained, and fueled by a thirst for revenge. Darus had selected each soldier by hand, choosing the ones who had lost the most from Athran’s careless flaunting of his magical powers. In addition to their drive to be victorious, they had Darus’s mind carefully planning their battles. The Vesaria’s were quickly and decidedly overrun by the Almoria’s brutal tactics and ruthless fighting.

      Though he wished to stay and defend the city his father had built, Talin was inexperienced, untrained, and caught completely off-guard. Both the Talin and Calma retreated from Vesaria, taking as many of their people with them as they could. Darus, however, was not interested in letting his prey escape. He was prepared to give chase to the fledgling king and end the D’Elmont line with his own hands.

      Talin, though not the magical powerhouse that his father was, turned to meet Darus’s advance. As the two leaders locked eyes, Talin could see the rage and the sorrow that had been building within the man for decades. The years had also worn on the older man; he was no longer the fighter he had once been and though his mind was sharp, his body was overworked and malnourished. He had lived so long for that moment. A small part of the young king was actually pained to take it from him.

      As his father had done, Talin steeled himself and called forth the depths of his power. Raising his hands to the sky, the mage felt the ground tremble, moving at his will. Between himself and Darus rose a massive wall. The wall seemed to have been carved from a single piece of a pure white, flawless stone. It extended across the land, father than Talin could see in any direction and over twenty leagues tall.

      As exhaustion overtook Talin, he could hear Darus scream in rage from beyond the wall. Though the Almoria may not have claimed the king’s life, he had taken everything D’Elmont had built.

      Part Four: New Vesaria

      While the fall of Vesaria was a terrible blow to the people of Anyria, and to Talin’s hold on his kingdom, it would eventually be seen as divine guidance. With his magical powers exhausted, Talin found himself barely able to lead his people forward. The creation of the White Wall, a barrier of pure magic-given-form, had taxed both his body and soul and it was showing.

      Leading the survivors of Darus’ attack, Talin did all he could to make it appear as though he had any idea where to lead them. The king was doing all he could to place one foot in front of the other, trying to come up with a plan for his people was beyond him. Despite that, he knew his feet moved with purpose. He did not know why, but he felt drawn.

      For weeks they wandered, living off the land and doing what they could to survive. A few dozen of the king’s people had escaped. They were afraid and concerned. The king himself was barely able to lead them, let alone fend off an attack of some sort. Just when it seemed like the survivors of Vesaria had given up hope, a beacon of light broke over the horizon.

      Sunk deep into the ground was a massive chunk of the meteorite that Athran had destroyed. It’s brilliant glow illuminated the land, as though shining a spotlight on the traveler’s future home. As Talin approached the crystal, he could feel himself becoming invigorated, swelling with the magical energies he had exhausted.

      Flexing his magical muscles, the king raised his hands and, with a mighty roar, commanded a castle of stone and earth to rise from the ground. As he cast his spell, the crystal pulsed and the king felt even more invigorated. With a second wave of his hand, the king crafted a series of small houses and, again, the crystal pulsed and rejuvenated him.

      The survivors of Darus’ attack stared in awe as, right before their eyes, their king molded a city from the very ground they stood on. It soon became clear to the ruler that the crystal rejuvenated his magical energy and amplified it as well. It seemed like far more than a coincidence that they had found such a powerful site to settle.

      Proclaiming the settlement “New Vesaria,” the king and his people turned the city into a thriving metropolis in no time.

      Part Five: The Heirs

      Generations passed in New Vesaria with few problems. King Talin’s line continued to rule, each generation expanding their sphere of influence. The lands surrounding New Vesaria came to be known as Elmont, a tribute to the first sorcerer-king. The decades passed peacefully as Talin and his descendants used their power to shape Elmont into a lush, verdant utopia for their citizens. Things would not stay peaceful forever, though.

      Reports began to trickle into the capital of crops dying and small farms vanishing overnight. The knights of Elmont were sent to validate the rumors, but few returned. Those that managed to make it back to the capital were all but comatose. Only a single knight was able to explain what they saw.

      A massive construct of earth and rock was making its way across the landscape, crushing anything and everything in its path. The knights attempted to stop it, but most fell beneath its heel or were swatted over the horizon as though they were no more than insects. It was not too long before the abomination itself was within sight of the New Vesaria. The city trembled both with fear and from the creature's mighty footfalls. The citizens turned to their leaders for security, many of them already preparing for an inevitable end.

      During the time of peace that Talin had created, he had enjoyed many luxuries and, as a result, had ended up with several potential heirs to his throne. While there were constantly arguments over who Talin's heir would be, all were in agreement that there were five very strong candidates. Camden, Alanyia, Balron, Tannis, Felnar were all mages of equal renown and power. It was often thought that the only one stronger than any of the five heirs was Talin himself, though even his power would fall against the combined might of his heirs. Each of the five heirs were capable mages, but could control a single element as though it were naught but an extension of their own being. So, when the Construct, as it would later be known, set upon New Vesaria, the city turned to the heirs to stop it.

      What, exactly, happened in the battle against the Construct was only ever truly known by the five that fought against it, but echoes of explosions and the rumbling of the very earth shook throughout all of Anyria. For five days the battle raged on until, on the eve of the sixth day, the heirs returned to the city. None of the heirs said anything, neither to each nor the people who gathered to greet them. Their skin had paled and their faces locked in an expression lost somewhere between exhausted and shocked. The five walked through the city, straight to the palace where they rested for only a single night before they announced they would be leaving New Vesaria.

      Part Six: Pilgrimage

      The heirs returned from their battle with the Construct changed people. They had all been seen as charismatic, out-going leaders, equal parts power and benevolence. Their collective decision to Elmont surprised everyone. The only person who they discussed their decision with was Talin, who could only watch them leave. Though people tried to learn their reasons or even follow them out of the city, they all but vanished as soon as they left the city gates, moving with a speed and determination that could never be matched by the average man.

      It would be five years until anyone heard from them again. The king had been far beyond his prime when the heirs had left and by the time they returned, the city was alight with rumors about who would be the next ruler of Elmont. Talin assured his people that there would be no need for concern, a confidence in his voice that the kingdom would be in good hands. Five years later he fell ill and, as it seemed like Elmont would be left without a leader, a single heir returned to the city gates.

      Camden, known for his skills with lightning magic, walked through New Vesaria quickly and with purpose. The man looked to have aged many times more than he should have in only five years. He looked not like the prince that had strolled through the streets, talking to the people and using his gifts to help people where he could. There was a determination in his stride that those around him could only guess.

      Walking straight into the palace, guards attempted to stop the prince, not recognizing him as he approached. Without breaking his gait, the heir turned his head to the guards, light flashing across his eyes the way a bolt of lightning flashed across a stormy sky. Camden would be the last person Talin saw before passing away the night after his heir arrived. When Camden left his father's chambers, it was with the crown resting firmly on his head. After the procession for the late King Talin, Camden addressed New Vesaria, his voice magically amplified to carry across the entire city.

      The world, he told them all, was changing. He had seen it with his brothers and sister when they fought against the Construct. They had spent the past five years traveling across the land, seeing for themselves how nature itself was being warped by the magics that were growing. The Construct, they were warned, would just be the first of many if steps were not taken. He had returned to rule over Elmont while his siblings would settle the other regions of Anyria.

      To the East Alanyia would take her fire magic, while Balron, with his command over air, would head South. Those two, known to be the most powerful combatants, would settle the regions near the White Wall. Tannis would use his earth magic to settle the North and Felnar's water magic would be used to inhabit the islands in the West. As Arthran had done, they had set out to unite the people of those lands and cultivate places where the could live in safety. Despite Camden's warnings, it would be years before people realized how right he had actually been.

      Part Seven: The Rising

      Over two decades passed after Camden took the throne of Elmont. The warnings he issued against the land's distortion continued, but paid them only token attention, having grown accustomed to them. Many believed the king to be overly cautious, traumatized by his encounter with the Construct. The sad would come, however, when he was proven right in his concerns.

      Over the horizon, marching towards New Vesaria, people one day spotted a legion of creatures, all fashioned from the earth itself. Though nowhere near the size of the Construct, each creature stood a bit taller than the average man. They lumbered forward, legs of stone and soil carrying them towards the city. The call to alarm was issued and New Vesaria moved to face the coming threat.

      Since he had taken up the crown, Camden had begun preparing his soldiers to fight against creatures of magic, not simply other men. Though they had been taught well, there was fear in their eyes as they moved out towards the magical menace. Leading them, though, was Camden himself. Raising his hands high, the king unleashed a mighty roar that washed over the land. As the resounding cry reached the earthen golems, the sky darkened. The air itself seemed to shake, the tension in the air palpable. Suddenly, with a second bellow, the king commanded lightning to rain from the heavens. Bolts crashed to the ground, rending the golems into nothing more than dirt they had risen from. Emboldened by their leaders display, the soldiers of New Vesaria charged forward.

      Once again battle raged on for five days. Despite their intimidating appearance and magical origins, the creatures could be felled simply enough with a blade. Their surprising fragility, however, was offset both by their sheer numbers and the strength of their blows. The soldiers that they struck crumpled to the ground, their innards pulped by the power of the creatures. When the last of the creatures fell, though, Camden addressed the city once more.

      The other regions had been assaulted similarly, but, like he had done, his siblings had been training their followers to resist the attacks and they had all suspected that none of them would come under the proverbial fire that Elmont would. Despite their victory, though, he warned them to remain vigilant as other attacks would happen. The next few years would not be easy for New Vesaria, but it's people had weathered the worst Anyria had to throw at them and they would weather it once more.

      Part Eight: Amoria

      The fight raged on for a century, many lives were claimed, but eventually a champion stood and the constructs saw their betters. As mysteriously as they had risen, the constructs stopped rising from the earth. It would be a long time before everyone truly felt at ease. There had been many questions asked about the magical menace that would go unanswered. For years soldiers continued their long patrols of the lands, looking for any sign of an approaching foe. Slowly the troops began marching home, some happy to lay down their weapons, others searching for what to do with the life they had committed to fighting an enemy that no longer existed.

      Where soldiers departed from the emptied battlefields, scholars stepped in, eager to examine any remains of the minor constructs. What they found amongst the constructs' crumbled remains would shape the course of Anyria's future in an irrevocable way. Each construct looked to have been powered by a crystal that pulsed with magical energy. The people of Elmont quickly noticed the similarities between these smaller crystals and the one around which New Vesaria had been built. It did not take long for battle grounds to buzz with people looking for these crystals. Many families made small fortunes collecting and selling these crystals for study or simply as trophies to soldiers who had fought on those grounds.

      The Heirs, as they were still known, met several times in a short span within the New Vesarian castle. Despite their age, none of them looked over the age of thirty, their lifespans extended dramatically by their magics. Even they, though, did not know exactly what the appearance of the crystals meant, but it was clear to them that the stones would play an important part in the years to come. The discovery of crystals in the mines of Myrn furthered the concern of the Heirs, but their concerns would have to be put on hold by a more pressing matter.

      Within Latlan and Forar, reports were rising of raids against the smaller villages. While such reports were not altogether uncommon, both the frequency of the attacks and their proximity to their region's capitol increased. These bands of raiders struck quickly and viciously, devastating the soldiers that stood in their way with unnerving efficiency. It became clear that the raiders were much more than thieves simply looking to capitalize on the calm after the construct's storm. With renewed purpose and zeal, soldiers returned to their patrols around the countryside. Their foes, though, were more than mindless automatons shuffling through the lands. These enemies were cunning and quick.

      It was Balron, the Lord of Latlan, that first stepped from his capitol to hunt these enemies. He encouraged his people to spread word of his voyage, intending to use himself as bait. His strategy would work far better than he ever could have guessed. Six days after he set out, his procession was attacked. True to their reputation, they crushed most of the soldiers that guarded Balron. When the Lord stepped from his carriage to greet the enemy, he was shocked to discover that it took no more than a dozen of these warriors to devastate his personal guard. Unleashing his fury against his attackers, Balron would be more shocked to discover that his magic had virtually no effect on them. Seeing their target caught off-guard, they moved in for a quick and decisive kill.

      Two weeks after he left the capital, Balron returned. Bloodied and beaten, the Lord returned on foot, his entire entourage destroyed in the fight with his assailants. Dragging behind him, he had managed to bring with him the broken body of one of his attackers. The attacker was quickly determined to be an Amorian. Their size and stature were more intimidating than Latlan's finest warrior. Truly, the Amorian seemed to have been honed to physical perfection. Balron quickly sent word to his brothers and sisters that Amorians were somehow crossed the White Wall and that they were all but immune to his magic.

      Not long after Balron's return, more Amorians were sighted in the lands of Latlan and Forar. There was little time to worry about how or why they were suddenly appearing after generations of exile behind Talin's White Wall. The two regions guarding the Wall were quickly thrown into chaos as more and more Amorians attacked. It was often, and rightly, referred to as an invading army. Without their leader's supreme powers to back them, soldiers took to the defense without the confidence that they had grown accustomed to. Fortunately, it would not be the Heirs that lent their magic to the war.

      Part Nine: The Mage Wars

      The five worked together to fight back the Amorians as effectively as possible. Latlan and Forar were used as training grounds for any able-bodied soldier, teaching them how to combat the Amorian's superior physical prowess and guerrilla tactics. Though the Amorians were thought to possess the strength of two or three soldiers, they were far from invincible. Latlan and Forar became countries of war, their citizens dedicated to serving the soldiers directly. The mines of Myrn overflowed with miners, all of them knowing how important the ore and minerals they mined were to outfitting the people fighting to keep them safe. Trade routes were quickly established between Mryn, Latlan, and Forar.

      With most of their younger citizens devoted to fighting back the Amorians, Elmont and Hal'lal did what they could to study their enemy. Reports of enemy activities poured into Elmont, whose strategists analyzed how the Amorians move, attacked, and fought. While most of Anyria had their sights set on the war with Amoria, Hal'lal had not turned their attention away from the mysteries of the crystals. It was the scholars of Hal'lal that would truly turn the tides of the war. Many mocked them as they suddenly appeared on the frontlines, old men and women wearing the robes of scholars without weapons or armor.

      Though the Amorians preferred quick strikes against vulnerable targets, enough of them had crossed the White Wall to make camps a necessity. Those camps would be the target of the scholars' attack. Two dozen of Hal'lal's citizens crossed the lines, approaching the enemy camps with easy, measured steps. The plains of Forar was the perfect spot for them to demonstrate what they had discovered. From within their robes, they produced crystals taken from fallen constructs. Raising them high, the scholars themselves began to glow with an unearthly energy. The ground beneath the camp began to churn and, in an instant, a gaping maw opened in the earth, swallowing the entire camp and anyone who had been in it. They were certain that such magic wouldn't work directly against the Amorians, but it didn't need to.

      News quickly spread throughout Anyria. What were once trophies and baubles became sources of immense power. As more and more Anyrians learned to wield the power of the crystals, the Amorians pulled back across the White Wall. They had been prepared to deal with five mages, not a country full of them. It seemed like, overnight, the war had been won. The victory, however, was eclipsed by the proliferation of magic in the world. People went from talking about how to fight to how to study, which crystals were best, and what kind of spells they would love to master. Everything had changed.

      It turned out that not everyone carried with them the ability to harness the crystals' power. It was never clear why some could use magic and some could not, but soon everyone hoarded whatever crystals they could find or buy. Lives were dedicated to how magic should be used or studied and, as is often the case, disagreements about the use of magic began to crop up. Alarmingly, people abused the power they gained, lording their strength over those who were numb to the crystals.

      Fights began to break out between mages. Some saw themselves as righteous vigilantes, some were driven by greed, others were just looking for a good fight. Spells flew about Anyria, virtually unchecked. Law keepers without any magical prowess could do nothing to stop the acts of violence. It quickly became clear that the use of magic would have to be regulated. There would have to be some way to monitor the use of crystals and the casting of spells. The Heirs convened once more to discuss what they could do.

      Part Ten: The Council

      Though many had gained magical powers, none had challenged the Heirs. They knew, though, it was only a matter of time before someone set their sights on a throne. The answer the Heirs came up with was a council, a governing body, free from the influences of the regions. They themselves would comprise its members, taking in mages they could trust to subdue those who would misuse magic. Not only would the Council monitor the use of magic, they would oversee the sale and distribution of crystals as they were mined from the earth.

      The Heirs themselves would be the Grand Council, having the final say in any and all matters relating to magic, their authority deemed absolute. Almost all of Anyria trusted their wisdom and guidance. They were also known for being fair. Though they were all siblings, they hardly saw eye-to-eye on everything. Directly beneath the Grand Council would be a High Council of fifteen members. Each Heir hand-selected three mages to represent them in the High Council, which would be responsible for directing day-to-day operations. In most cases, the High Council would have the final word on issues, the Heirs having countries to run in addition to their duties to the Council.

      It was a rough start for the Council, many wanting to challenge it's authority and many more questioning their initially brutal methods of dealing with those that stood against them. The Grand Council were weary of a heavy-handed approach, but magic was a powerful, new, and unpredictable element in potential revolts. The Mage Wars refer to the period of years in which the Council solidified its authority over all things magic. Many tried to resist them and virtually all failed. Backed by the raw power and authority of the Heirs, standing up to the Council was, to most, the same as throwing one's life away.

      Though founding the Council ended up being an arduous task, it presented a unique opportunity for those learning magic under its guidance. The bulk of the Council were mages willing to help teach those who sought them out. People were not forbidden from studying or practicing magic, but were warned to simply do so cautiously. The formation of Council had ushered in a period where many struck out to unlock their potential in world of magic.

      "It's on my brain, driving me insane.  It's on my mind, all of
      the time, and if it left... I would be fine.

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    • As you can see, I still need to finish the Lore.

      Additionally, "Non-magic" character will probably be taken out. Mechanically, the position those characters would fill can already exist with what's available to Magic users and canonically they just don't mesh that well; it would force a kind of PvP interaction that isn't necessary. While PvP can absolutely be a focus, I see no reason to push it; if that's what people want to do, they'll do it regardless of what the backstory says.

      "It's on my brain, driving me insane.  It's on my mind, all of
      the time, and if it left... I would be fine.

    • I am ready to put this up now that the holiday has cleared, but it needs a tiny bit of polish before then, I'll defer to Kaden but if he can't then I'll just do my best and put something together.

      Race/Faction. Keeping both? Dropping one? Non-magic characters?

      Don't want to rush but I think this would be a huge boon. I have a few other people already interested in adding side RPGs once this is started.

      Give waffuru an internets today!
    • Kaden wrote:

      Chubbs Anyria RPG

      Character Sheet
      Name: Bill Yen
      Region: Forar
      Sex: Male

      Region: Fire

      Tek – 0
      Song – 4
      Ink – 6



      Fireball (2 Fire, 1 Wind)

      Flamethrower (1 Wind, 1 Fire)
      Flame Barrier (1 Wind, 1 Fire)
      Eruption (2 Fire)
      Gale Step (2 Wind)

      Fire Crystal (1)
      Earth Crystal (2)

      New character sheet. Here are the important changes:

      Only Magic-user characters allowed. Non-magic users will be NPC antagonists. If people want to do super-human physical shit, they'll need to make spells for it.

      Both "Race" and "Faction" have been replaced with "Region" on the roster. Making people name their race when we've said "you can look like whatever you want" is pointless and I don't want there to be any confusion on the impact of choosing a Region and it's impact on the magical factions (there isn't any). So, really, "Region" just determines what fixed crystal each character starts with.

      Instead of percentages, people just put points into their magic stats and everyone starts with 10. As you can see, it is not required for someone to have at least 1 in each. Having 0 just means they can't use spells of that faction. Each point in a stat lowers the cost of buying spells.

      Non-character-sheet stuff

      Magic distribution and buying spells

      Spells will be fixed-cost based on the number of crystals the spell takes. Let's say a given spell costs 10 XP per-crystal used in the spell. In the above character sheet, Bill Yen would have paid 30 XP for Fireball and 20 XP for everything else.

      When someone buys a spell, they will have to associate a Faction for it. In Bill's case, all of the spells that cost 20 XP were Ink spells. Since he has 6 points in Ink, the final cost for each spell would be 14 XP. For his "Fireball" spell, he would have paid 26 XP (30 for the per-crystal cost and the a discount of 4 from his Song stat).


      Those are the big changes, I think. Some systematic changes, for sure, but I think they keep things pretty simple and remove the more problematic aspect of CDBZ's very subjective Custom Tech pricing. The only that really needs moderation at this point is the XP gain-per-character. I want to stick to relatively small numbers, so I'm think ~33% the rate of this forum.

      Also, the math part of the Spell pricing wouldn't be made public unless a member figured it out and asked point-blank.

      Going to start making the "official" posts for the rules and shit. I'll probably be borrowing some of the CDBZ "Rules" posts.

      "It's on my brain, driving me insane.  It's on my mind, all of
      the time, and if it left... I would be fine.


      In addition to all that is listed below, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the more in-depth forum rules, which are located here. They clearly outline our Infraction policy as well as covers subjects not listed in this section.


      • Post in the correct forum. Each forum has its own specific purpose and functionality. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find the right one for what you need to post. Threads that are misplaced will be moved to the correct forum.
      • IC and OOC are separate. IC (In Character) posts stay in the IC forums, and OOC (Out Of Character) posts stay in the OOC forums. Absolutely no OOC commentary is allowed to be made in the IC forums. Beyond that, there should be a separation between you as a person and your character. You don’t act like your character, and your character will not be affected by your OOC interaction or knowledge. Don’t start grudges because of something that happened IC, and vice versa for things that happen OOC. Keep them separate.
      • No spam. This is random, useless posting that has no purpose, or is done with the intent to annoy or be asinine. It basically spells out “stupid, pointless, annoying messages.”
      • No illegal material. This includes illegal downloads, filesharing, pirated material, warez, hacks, cracks, gambling or betting sites, or anything of that nature, or linking to such websites or sources. Do not PM these materials. Our forum provider and hosts do not allow it therefore we cannot promote it, and their authority supersedes ours.
      • No pornographic or nude images. This includes posting links to pornographic or nude images, videos, or websites. Do not PM these materials. Not everyone on these forums is of the legal age to be viewing that kind of material. Also, again, our forum provider and hosts do not allow it, and their authority supersedes ours.
      • Keep mature content to a minimum. We recognize that there are more adult themes within the realm of role-playing, and they should be done sparingly and as tastefully as possible. We’re not a lemon-writing site. Any thread with sexual content, or is planned to have sexual content, is required to have a “[Mature]” bracket put into the title. A staff member may be PMed to add one if necessary. Staff reserves the right to deem any such content as inappropriate and have it changed or removed at their discretion.


      • Signatures are to be no more than 200px high, 550px wide. Avatars are to be no more than 120 x 120.
      • Signatures are to be no more than 150kb in filesize, and avatars are a maximum of 48kb in filesize. If you need help adjusting to this specification, please PM a staff member, or someone with the capabilities to do it for you.
      • Signatures and avatars must be of your character. Only one signature image is allowed per user.
      • No adult-themed images. This includes, but is not limited to: pornographic images, genitalia, and suggestive themes. If you are unsure about whether your signature is acceptable or not, please PM a staff member.
      • Any non-compliance with these rules will result in staff intervention. Staff reserve the right to ask a member to remove offensive graphics, no matter the nature, at any time. If you have graphics that are not of your character, or have not been approved in the Artistic Interpretation thread, you will also be asked to remove them. If you do not remove them, a staff member will revoke your graphics privileges and issue an Infraction. Staff also reserves the right to remove graphics at any time, without warning, if deemed as inappropriate.


      • No flaming or flame-baiting. Flaming essentially boils down to insulting somebody or making a personal attack against them. Whether you do this intelligently or straight up call them names or swear at them, flaming is flaming, and it’s an offense that will get you an Infraction real quick. Flame-baiting is equally guilty. Baiting someone is deliberately and purposefully provoking them into attacking you to and then turning around and crying foul.
      • No trolling. Trolling is somewhat different than flaming, although they can be very similar. Trolling is done with the intent of causing an argument or derailing a thread through the use of juvenilia, sarcasm, deliberately bad jokes, or other such method. They argue by insulting either a person or the subject without fully addressing the content of the thread and add no value or merit to a discussion. They can also purposefully go off topic or constantly threadjack.
      • Be respectful. We don’t expect everybody to be best friends, but we do expect that people act civilly towards each and every member, including staff. This means no insults, slurs, flames, pointless arguing, or any other bull like that. If you cannot get along with somebody, simply ignore or block them. It’s not that difficult. Even better: try to talk it out like adults and come to a mutual understanding or agreement. This goes double for people who decide to gang up on a single member and just keep picking on them.
      • Keep the profanity reasonable. We’re all capable of controlling our language. Most everybody swears once in a while, but it’s not necessary for every other word to be a cuss. Excessive use of profanity or tasteless language is subject to disciplinary action.


      • Staff ruling is final. Staff decisions are considered final. You don’t have to like it, but you do have to listen to and abide by it. Do not attempt to “petition” a ruling, and do not constantly ask over and over again if you’ve already been told the answer. Basically, what staff says, goes. Staff authority goes as follows, starting from the highest: administrator, super moderator, moderator.
      • No backseat modding. Backseat modding is when a regular member acts as an authority figure towards another member, or tries to tell staff how to do their jobs. We’re familiar with the rules, we know how to handle situations, and we’ll take care of the official stuff. Telling us what we need to be doing or how we need to do it is presumptuous and rude. If there is a problem, we’ll take care of it. If a staff member mishandles something, we’ll correct it. Your job is to role-play and have fun. So, you do your jobs, and we’ll do ours.
      • Be respectful of staff. We’re not the most popular people sometimes, but we are necessary to the function and continuation of this RPG. We are offering our free time to provide the best possible experience for everybody and to keep things running as smoothly as we can. We are human, and we do have lives outside of this. So we expect to be treated with civility at the very least, and that you understand we can’t dedicate every minute of our day to this site. If you have a problem with a particular staff member, please privately talk it out with that staff member in a polite and adult manner, or bring the issue up with an administrator. Bottom line: treat us with respect, and we will give you the same courtesy.

      "It's on my brain, driving me insane.  It's on my mind, all of
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    • WELCOME!

      We’d like to start off by saying welcome to the Chubbs role-playing community! Chubbs is a freeform play-by-post custom-character RPG with an emphasis on quality writing. Overall, we have fun! So please, browse around and we hope that we can welcome you into our fellowship. More importantly, enjoy your stay!

      !!READ FIRST!!

      By registering an account with our boards, joining, and/or becoming a member, you are agreeing to abide by any and all rules and regulations we the staff have set down on both the website and the forums, based on our interpretation only. They are not subject to negotiation. You also agree to accept any disciplinary action that may result in violation of these rules. All members and registered accounts are expected to read these rules and be aware of their existence prior to any infraction. Ignorance will never be an acceptable excuse: it isn’t bliss, it’s stupid.

      We reserve the right to change any and all rules at any point and time under our discretion. We the staff will make every attempt to make these rules as thorough as possible, we will make every effort to provide you with the information that you as a member or registered account need to know. Some information is classified as staff-only and will remain as such.

      The staff here at Chubbs will never abuse our power, but we are required to use it. We assure you that there is reasoning behind all of our actions, even if it goes misunderstood.

      Read the rules. Follow the rules. It’s that simple.


      First of all, thank you for your interest in Chubbs Anyria RPG. We’re always on the lookout for new faces. Before you begin the joining process, we ask some easy-to-follow prerequisites.
      • READ THE SITE! This cannot be stressed enough. You’re wasting our time and yours if you don’t. If you demonstrate that you have not read the site, your application will be denied until you do. If you continue to demonstrate that you have not read the site when directed to do so, this isn’t the place for you and you should look elsewhere.
      • NO PROXYS. Because of problems we’ve had in the past, and problems we still have today, we no longer allow people to join under a proxy address. If you’re found using one, we will have no choice but to instantly and permanently ban your account. If you have nothing to hide, you should have no fear of using your real IP. The only exception to using a proxy address is if you are already a well-established member and have cleared permission with staff beforehand.
      • BE COURTEOUS AND RESPECTFUL. Staff reserves the right to deny your application at any point and time on the grounds of you being an ass. We shouldn’t even have to emphasize this, but we REQUIRE all new applicants to treat us with the respect that we treat you. YOU are asking US to be able to role-play here, and if you can’t act like a decent human being, you’ll have to look elsewhere. We do not appreciate nor do we need the attitude. We don’t like IP banning people, but we will do it if pushed.

      Once you’ve read the site, register an account with your character’s name. Don’t do something stupid like “teh1337one” or “sk8rboi54987.” Fill out a join form by copy/pasting the one found in this section, and make a post in the Joining forum titled “Joining as [blank]” and fill the blank in with your character name. A staff member will respond and once you’re approved, will get you started on setting up your membership. Staff will delete registered accounts on a regular basis to keep the registry clean, so your name may be deleted on accident and you may have to re-register. If you have any questions, read the site and the various stickies, and if they are not answered there, feel free to ask in your join post. If your post has not been responded to in 72 hours (exactly 3 days), you are allowed one bump per 72 hours.


      Tek -
      Song -
      Ink -

      Short Bio: (a brief, brief summary of your character’s past)

      General Description: (your character’s physical features)

      Role-play Sample: (minimum 300 words)

      That’s the basic information you need to provide. Make sure to read the rules on custom character creation so you don’t conflict with them.

      [SIZE=2]The “Do Nots” of Joining[/SIZE]

      Please note that infringing upon the bottom bullets marked in red will result in immediate and permanent denial of your application. Have a nice day.
      • Do not bump your thread before 72 hours.
      • Do not post outside of the Join forum until you are officially accepted or are given permission by a staff member to post somewhere else.
      • Do not begin role-playing until you are officially accepted.
      • Do not make multiple join threads.
      • Do not plagiarize or steal others’ work.
      • Do not insult the staff.
      • Do not lie to the staff.
      • Do not threaten the staff.

      "It's on my brain, driving me insane.  It's on my mind, all of
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    • The Magic of Anyria

      The world of Anyria is one of magic. Crystals are mined from the earth that allow people to harness incredible powers. Some use these magics for good, some for evil, and others just for their own entertainment. Knowing how magic works, though, is the basis for each and every character. Whether you decide to weave destruction through the use of arcane runes or sow harmony with blissful song is up to you.

      The Power of the Crystals

      Magic begins and ends with the crystals that are pulled from the soil. There are five elements and each crystal is tied to a single one of them. The five elements are Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Lightning. In order for a mage to cast their spells, they must possess the right crystals.

      Sadly, a mage can't simply load up on crystals and venture out into the world. The power of the crystal can strain someone who is not prepared for it and the acquisition of more crystals and, as a result, more powerful spells can be a lengthy one. Tempering the body to withstand the strain of many crystals is not something that happens overnight.

      Each of the five magic-using regions of Anyria is rich with a given element, providing more crystals of that type than any other. While this plays a larger factor in a region's economy, it plays a bigger factor in a mage's ability to wield the elements. Those born in the Elmont region, for example, are naturally adept with lightning magic, allowing them to cast spells as though they are always in possession of a lightning crystal. The same is true for those born of other regions. Though birthplace is hardly the only thing that factors into a mage's skill, most site it as an important part of where they began their journey as a spellcaster.

      The Casting Factions

      There are three methods through which spells are cast. Some mages study a wide variety of spells, using each faction to provide themselves with a diverse array of incantations, gadgets and super-human abilities. Others will devote their study to a single faction, finding it easier to master certain spells over others. The three factions are called Tek, Song, and Ink.

      Tek magic uses crystals in their most basic form, incorporating the crystals stones into the creation of tools, weapons, or other gadgets. These can then be used as conduits for magical energy. A common use of Tek magic is to place a crystal into the hilt of a sword or the back of a glove to create a powerful weapon imbued with one of the elements. More elaborate uses of Tek magic can provide mages with lumbering golems or guns that fire blasts of potent energy.

      Songs of magic can be performed in one of two ways. The first involves creating a magic powder with a crystal and then inhaling it to imbue a mage's very voice with commanding power. The second way is to simply place a crystal into something like a staff or wand and then use it as a microphone for incantations. It is not an uncommon for a mage's words to command the earth to shake or lightning to strike.

      Ink involves the grinding of crystals into actual inks that are then used paint runes or glyphs or even tattoo a person's body. There are many applications of magic ink, such as inscribing a weapon or shield with runes, painting explosive traps on walls, or imbuing someone's very body with the power leap over a building or punch through a wall.

      Gearing Up

      Casting spells requires Crystals and Crystals require open Slots to be equipped. With the exception of the "Region" Slot, Crystals can be placed in or taken out of slots almost freely. If you wanted, you could switch out Crystals between adventures and use entirely different spells. It's even possible to buy spells that require Crystals your character doesn't have, they simply won't be able to use them until they have the appropriate Crystals equipped. Having access to a wide variety of Crystals will let you create a diverse repertoire of spells.

      Changing Crystals can only be one once-per-week, though. This is to help keep things less confusing so you don't run into a character who uses completely different spells every single post. If you're writing on your own, this should come as, at most, a minor inconvenience, but if you're writing with other people, it will help keep everyone on the same page and keep things from getting overly complicated and forcing the staff to check timestamps to ensure that you actually had the right Crystals equipped when you wrote your character using a specific spell. Hopefully this doesn't seem overly bureaucratic to most people. The idea isn't to be limited, it's just to keep things manageable as your characters interact.

      "It's on my brain, driving me insane.  It's on my mind, all of
      the time, and if it left... I would be fine.

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    • Absolutely. Feel free to polish that bad boy up.

      I'll be adding more of the "official" posts later tonight. Really should have been, like, scribbling notes so I don't forget anything.

      "It's on my brain, driving me insane.  It's on my mind, all of
      the time, and if it left... I would be fine.

    • Lol

      If you want. I dunno. Ideally the RPG would have enough of it's own members that we wouldn't need the same staff for every RPG. That would get pretty awful pretty quickly.

      "It's on my brain, driving me insane.  It's on my mind, all of
      the time, and if it left... I would be fine.