Gundam: Era of Conflict

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    • Gundam: Era of Conflict

      Currently Work In Progress. No known date for completion.


      Creators - Vad & Sigfried

      General Idea - Coming Soon

      The World of This RPG and You as a Player - Coming Soon

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      Fighting to the bitter end is an advantage when your opponent does not wish to perish.

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    • Gundam: Era of Conflict

      Statistics v.03

      Player Statistics

      • Piloting Skill or Pilot Skill represents your characters ability to pilot mobile suits. This naturally carries over to piloting other things such as jet aircraft. This is only increased by writing with and combating other players. This is the stat used for grading in PvP fights.

      Mobile Suit Statistics

      The stats represented on Mobile Suits are a simple representation of that suits capability in combat and on the battlefield. There are five statistics that break down each section of your suit in all areas of combat.

      They are as follows:

      • Fight/FHT - Represents your mobile suits capability in melee combat with your chosen weapon.
      • Accuracy/ACC - Represents shot strength from your ranged weaponry.
      • Defense/DEF - Represents your ability to take hits and the type of armor you have equipped to your suit.
      • Mobility/MOB - Determines the speed at which your thrusters can move you across the battlefield. (Also refered to as Dash)
      • Energy/ENG - Determines base generator output and energy available for attacking, blocking, parrying, etc.

      Stats are presented in 1 of 5 grades. From worst to best: D, C, B, A, and S

      Mobile Suit statistics can also be affected by parts applied to your MS. For example. A high output reactor might increase Energy and Mobility, but a heavier set of armor would increase Defense and reduce Mobility quite a bit.

      Fighting to the bitter end is an advantage when your opponent does not wish to perish.

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    • Gundam: Era of Conflict

      OOC Systems

      Pilot Skill
      This is a basic representation on how your well your character can pilot a mobile suit. The hard number starts at 25 and slowly moves upwards as you, the writer, collaborates with other writers or participate in Player Vs. Player scenarios. All in all, you increase you pilot skill by writing with other writers.

      A player uses currency to purchase upgrades or weaponry from a shop or to repair their mobile suit after they have lost a battle. The way that a character earns more currency is to participate in writing feedback. This feedback follows a standard format (with plenty of space for free-form feedback) and can be applied to a mission, a PvP scenario or any number of other writing. The score that you give your fellow writers determines their rewards (to a degree).

      Missions are tasks that either moderators or fellow writers create with a DIFFICULTY that determines what their length must be. these missions can be carried out with other writers or alone, but the total required word count is cumulative, so writing with others can significantly reduce the workload. Missions allow writers to unlock new Mobile Suits, powerful weapons and other perks. Missions with multiple writers give the best rewards to writers who receive the highest review, or award everyone equally depending on the situation.

    • Gundam: Era of Conflict

      Combat and PvP

      A fight can either be part of a mission, a pre-arranged fight or completely random. Any time two characters fight, it is considered PvP and follow these rules.

      A fight initiates on the post that the two characters make contact with each other and lasts until the two writers meet a pre-determined stopping point. Both writers must have an equal number of posts.

      After a fight is completed, a review board reviews the fight and gives each of the fighters a score on the Universal Review Card. These points are tallied, and each writer receives a total score point. That total is then multiplied by their Pilot Skill/100 (Pilot skill of 25 would be .25). The character with the highest points after the multiplication wins the fight.

      Depending on the setting, the victor can usually either choose to kill/destroy the opponent or not.

      Regardless of who wins the match, each character receives a bonus to their Skill equal to OPPONENT'S SKILL/YOUR SKILL x 2. That means that is a player with a Pilot Skill of 50 fought a player with a Pilot Skill of 100, the player with 50 would receive 4 Skill and the other would receive 1 Skill.


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    • Gundam: Era of Conflict

      Review Board

      A Review Board is a loose collection of fellow writers who must read and provide feedback on any given mission or battle. Each member of the board fills out a standardized form that awards the writers points in certain attributed of writing.

      Any number of people can give feedback in a review board.

      At the end of the review (after a week of review time) the writer is awarded for the mission or fight based off of the reviews. All reviewers receive a flat amount of money. The writer then chooses from the reviews the post that most helped them grow as a writer. The Best Review is then awarded an additional sum of money.

      The writer or any member of the review board may at any time call a "Vote of No Confidence" on any review if they believe that the reviewer in question either did not read the writer's material or did not provide meaningful feedback. That reviewer's scores will not be counted and they will receive a warning.

      (Form coming soon)
    • Gundam: Era of Conflict

      The World of this RPG and You as a Player


      Basic Roleplaying in the World

      Coming Soon

      Fighting to the bitter end is an advantage when your opponent does not wish to perish.

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    • Gundam: Era of Conflict

      Time Line v0.1

      Alternate Century

      In the year AC-100 the Earth Federation thought the Republic of Zeon to be no more. Having given up the right to govern themselves the Federation declares an end to hostilities and Zeon is believed to have had evaporated. Two years of reliable peace are had before a decision that would cost the Earth Federation and the people of Earth their peace was made. The Strategic Naval Research Institute recommended that the Federation cut back on the number of active mobile suits to save money. Taking the advice of the SNRI the Earth Federation cut its military budget and retired nearly half of its active forces. No one saw any immediate danger. Zeon had dissolved, right? They were horribly wrong.
      Zeon reappeared mid-summer in the year AC-103. They were no longer a republic. Under the powerful rule of Lysandra Demetrios, Zeon had become an empire. The Zeon Empire swiftly began retaking it's old territory and pushing back the Earth Federation. Without a bureaucracy to hold her back Lysandra brought the iron fist of her vengeful empire to the Earth Federation's doorstep. The war had been reignited and both sides were in it for the long haul.

      AC-104 - General Cladius Virilus and the Earth Federation military were reeling. They were losing all of Zeon’s old territory and being obliterated at the same time in each fight. Coordinating with his 1st and 2nd Battalions Cladius halted Lysandra’s push west and kept her from taking Earth Federation land. With three quick counter attacks he stopped her cold and proposed they meet in the Atlantic for a summit to finalize boundaries for the coming war. Against the wishes of her Empire she met with Cladius and they redrew the national boundaries for each faction. With a salute to one another war was declared between the Earth Federation and Zeon Empire. All bets were off.

      AC-105 – The Zeon and Federation war machine is reignited. The people rally behind Cladius as their ruler and allocate all available funds to boosting the war effort. Old factories are refurbished, old mobile suits are rebuilt and outfitted, and science bureaus are reactivated. Zeon easily matches the Federation’s output and begins building its army again. Both factions were dormant for most of the year until Christmas. Lysandra led an attack into Mexico and tried pushing into Texas. Cladius met her on the battlefield and the war had officially begun.

      AC-106 - This is where the world currently rests. Zeon and the Earth Federation have their territory and each respective military is actively fighting on multiple fronts. New pilots are being recruited and given refurbished old war era mobile suits. Mercenary pilot and new recruit alike are being drafted into service by both factions. Some of them go willing, others are persuaded or forced. At this time the Earth Federation and the Zeon Empire are evenly matched. The brilliant minds on either side are making sure this is a war that will go down in infamy.

      Notable Events

      Key Terms - Imperial refers to the Zeon Empire and Federation refers to the Earth Federation. This allows me to word descriptions of events like historical texts or summaries.

      Imperial Invasion of Mexico 7th July AC-105: Empress Lysandra wanted to drive a stake into the middle of the Federation mainland. By creating a single line of Imperial controlled territory she could force the Federation into an East and West. General Cladius wouldn't have it. He amassed his forces on the Texas border and drove southwest around the bulk of her force. Immediately cutting east he ambushed the Imperial Convoy and forced their hand in the desert of northern Mexico. A six day brawl that moved its way north over the border and finally back south saw the invasion attempt halted. Rather than lose all of her forces and the deadly Imperial Guard units Lysandra backed out using heavy artillery fire to halt Cladius from pursuing her. While the invasion was a failure it came at an equally high cost to the Federation. Recovering what they could as each military pulled out the rest was left to civilian scavengers.

      Fighting to the bitter end is an advantage when your opponent does not wish to perish.

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