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    • ROUND 2: FIGHT!

      Clearly a lot of the momentum that people were looking forward to with Meer's Cyberpunk ate shit and died. I think a lot of that is because the core concept involved "discussion" and "group decision making."

      On top of that, Meer did his Meer thing where he gets all amped and then we get all amped and then he just leaves or something. That's ok, I'm sure we all forgive him.

      So, I believe that I've got a format where a lot of mofos that all hate each other (as people, not as writers) can just coexist, if not synergise:

      1: We choose a generic setting with high fantastical elements where almost anything in-genre can happen.

      2: We start fucking writing.

      3: Whoever writes about a thing first establishes the canon.

      Events and huge aspects of gameplay that are too overtly restrictive will just be ignored by everyone else or it's assumed it just takes place in that area/in that character's life.

      4: Writers make little notes that they apply to a big-ass thread to vaguely keep track of this shit.

      5: Interesting writing happens as we adapt to interesting stuff.

      Now, obviously this is going to have some problems with canon, but screw it. Look at what we did to DBZ. It doesn't even REMOTELY RESEMBLE what the original shit was. It's a hodge-podge of what the old site, the new site and whatever else people feel like adding in. It works, it's fun.

      Most importantly: this system isn't going to be all tied up with bullshit bureaucracy. You just write and then other people write and if you don't feel like dealing with their horse shit, don't.

      We can do this with Meer's setting or pick a new one, whatever works.

      You guys have any thought's comments? Anyone interested in just going for it?
    • ROUND 2: FIGHT!

      Yeah, I need to stop trying to start stuff. There's like a certain amount of work a person has to put into something before it'll start being self-sustaining, and I always burn out just before that work's been done.

      Mal Nova wrote:

      I do apologize for using the word rape. There are four separate definitions for the word rape, two of which describe vegetation...
    • ROUND 2: FIGHT!

      We already have a big thread where people talk about what kinds of settings they like. Someone should just read it and come up with a setting and tell people to write.

      One of the problems with this group is there are a lot of people who want everyone to "just write" but not a lot of people that are willing to do all the other shit that goes along with it.

      I greatly enjoyed making the setting for Anyria, as an example. It failed horribly. Do I regret spending the time/energy on it? Not a bit, because, whether it succeeded or not, a lot of that work was stuff that had to be done whether it was going to succeed or not.

      A lot of the info is out there about what people do/don't want. You want a setting for people to just write, then just make one and hope they.

      EDIT: The "just write" argument -- for lack of a better word -- has never and, likely, will never work on this group of people. There are too many people who are at the point where they would rather talk/argue about what they do/don't like about writing than just actually write.

      "It's on my brain, driving me insane.  It's on my mind, all of
      the time, and if it left... I would be fine.

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    • ROUND 2: FIGHT!

      I totally agree. However, I think the best chance we have at people writing is to not give them a whole lot to argue over or allow to stifle their shit. I think that a lot of people had ideas started for Meer's preexisting idea, so I just suggest that we go for it and say fuck it to the nit picky stuff that we all tend to get in a pissing contest over.

      I started a little bit of writing for it already, so I guess I'll just fire the first volley and see who follows?