The Omniverse - opening 28/8/13

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    • The Omniverse - opening 28/8/13

      So I got permission from Kaden to post this. I've been working on an RPG for a while. Since I stopped work on Another Destiny, basically, and in a lot of ways it's a successor to that.

      It's a crossover RPG that I built from the ground up around the idea. Rather than be set in space, it's set in a world where everyone is brought from their own universe, and landed in this weird-ass setting where you can essentially create anything, even worlds, with stuff called 'omnilium'. The Omniverse is basically a place made up of several 'verses' that are connected by gateways, some public and some hidden. There's an ocean verse, a high-tech metropolis verse, a forest/jungle verse, and so on. Right now the story is set eight years after the creation of the Omniverse, and there are already many established NPCs, factions and a history.

      RPG and stat-wise, it builds a lot on what I did before on AD. Like AD, you can be a canon or custom, you can buy any power, and having a significant statistical advantage is something that takes a long time to earn. There is a damage/injuries system and you can use 'Super Moves' at the end of a fight post to try and inflict injuries on your opponent. People can block these, try to counter them, etc. Aside from super moves and transformations, which cost SP to use, using your moves is freeform just like Chubbs. Judgement is a combination of injuries and writing. Check out the rules if you want to know more.

      The starting story will kick off one week from today, on the 28th. Until then, joining is open, so you can create your character and familiarise yourself with the rules, or chat. Right now it's just me, Anzekay, Captain Blue and Violet over there, so come over and keep us company ;D <--- Bookmark it!

      Kayne wrote:

      She felt his fingers digging into her still-moist hair, tilting her head to look at him. “I eat Cheetos in the dark,” he said breathily.

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    • The Omniverse - opening 28/8/13

      I wish to subscribe to your news letter. My character will be Maxwell House, the Black Coffee. His personality will be that of a narcotics addicted Freemason disciple of doctor Martin Luther king, fresh from the crusades after a government shut down. Thank you for your consideration. My work will be on github.