• Name: Gotan


      Race: Saiyan-human hybrid

      Sex: male

      Starting Planet: Earth

      Profession: Unemployed

      Fighting Style: cunning, smart, agile, nimble

      Short Bio: Abandoned at birth by his saiyan father because he didnt have a tail. Gotan was raised by his mother. he was never like other kids. he always knew he a saiyan and only fights out of selfdefense or for things he loves

      General Description: long, unruly black hair that spikes to one side much like goku's. he is 5 foot and muscular for his age. he is in a gi much like gohan and goku's for he admires them.

      Starting Abilities: kamehameha, kaioken

      Trait: Compassionate

      Stats: (all must be a combined total of 100%, with the exception of choosing Inner Strengh as an Ability, which gives you an extra 15%)
      Strength - 15%
      Focus - 25%
      Endurance - 30%
      Agility - 30%

      Role-play Sample: (minimum 300 words)
      Gotan breathed heavily as he sat on top of the building. What to do he thought. Finally he let out a sigh and fell off the building hurdling towards the ground below. Just before he hit the ground Gotan burst upwards with great speed, flying, he loved his new ability. the city seemed to get smaller and smaller as he flew away towards the seemingly endless sunset. He landed about 30 miles outside the city near a wreckage. Gotan quickly searched for any signs of life but he found none. The crashed truck lay empty on its side. It was a miracle how he saw it but he did. Gotan found a little pod, so he ran over towards the unidentified space craft. Gotan searched the unkown vehicle. it looked crammed, there was a little seat and one window on the door.
      "Hello" chuckled an unkown voice
      "who are you and what is this?" questioned Gotan
      "I'm sure you know who i am" the man seemed to get serious.
      Gotan sensed this and yelled as he took off into the sky. The man undoubtedly followed. Gotan looked back to see the strangers position and tried to find out who he was. The man had a strange type of armor, Spikey hair, a green scouter, and a long brown tail. The man's body was to muscular to catch Gotan's fast and light body, but he couldnt keep running. This man definetaly had more experience flying than Gotan did and would catch him soon. He had too find a place to land and fast.
      "Alright who are you!?" shouted Gotan softly landing onto the wet grass
      "I think you know who i am" the man replied as he landed only a few yards away
      "You sound familiar but i cant find out who you are." Mumbled Gotan
      "Well time i told you," Revealed the man," Gotan, I am your father."