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      Vad History

      When Vad was born his mother was in her late thirties. His father had returned to the realm of the living on his son's second birthday and the trio lived in a little suburb just outside the royal capital of the planet. They were happy until the fatherly Saiyan was roped into joining a competition called Dante's Abyss. When Toma was killed Luna lost herself to depression. She began to neglect her young son. Forgetting to feed him, take care of him, becoming an alcoholic at bars, and doing various narcotics. She was rarely home and when she was she'd be drunk or high resulting in regular beat downs for the young Saiyan child. On certain occasions she'd shoot up and go grieve at her husband's grave only to pass out.

      The once good hearted mother was taking a turn for the worse and on Vad's ninth birthday she abandoned him at one of the many orphanages littered across Vegeta. For the next year Vad would grow into violence as the only means to survive. The principal of the little children's home found all of her residents murdered one day. They found the young Saiyan eating the other kids rations in the middle of a blood covered mess hall. Luna's family was desperately growing tired of her child, and her for that matter. Finally getting the high courts' approval to convict Vad of his father's atrocities, they handed the young boy to the military while the paper work was done.

      The military took possession of the low-class "inbred swine" with gusto. He was submitted for abuse and brought to the troops of the Royal Military for entertainment. The officers called it an honor to be tortured by such high class citizens and promised each time they were about to brutally injure him, that he would be released soon. That day came three years later when a series of changelings infiltrated the base and started releasing prisoners; a plan to cause chaos and confusion among the base.

      Randomly deciding Vad was a good enough subject for their own experimentation the spies took him. Being thirteen now, he was subjected to experimental torture techniques involving beta release drugs, electrical shock, and metal fusion. One day while pumping liquid steel atoms into the boys molecular structure he adapted to it. An unknown result took affect that would slowly manifest itself as an ability to control metal upon physical contact. The teenager was recaptured by the Saiyan military upon a police raid of the changeling facility and imprisoned against his will in a concrete cell no bigger than a small sedan. Weekly feedings became his normal lifestyle as did painful beatings and whippings. His mind was being raised around pain, his body being conditioned to withstand extreme torture. He was the ultimate test subject.

      On his eighteenth birthday Luna's family finally got his case brought into court for a hearing. Vad was tried and convicted for several hundred counts of murder. Against the wishes of the family he was sentenced to stasis imprisonment; a device that extended the mental capacity and made the victim experience unreal amounts of anguish. The CEO of a hidden agency of Assassin's called Sadism Or Death, known commercially as Skilled Officer Development took an interest in the young subject. The company publicly trained military officers in the art of tactical combat and had produced some of the greatest generals of the past. Threatening to cut their funding to the military they secured the aging Vad from his imprisonment and entered him into the assassin's training program.

      Using experimental memory altering and mind rebuilding equipment they used his past against him. Reprogramming memories and channeling certain emotions they made him the ultimate killing machine with the pain threshold of a veteran masochist soldier; a soldier hailing from a distant world they had researched. Said person could withstand disembodiment and keep calm and collected. This process took about six months and at the time Vad was already heading into his nineteenth year of life. His soul was beckoned into a alternate dimension known as the Demon Realm. During his time in the realm he became a major crime figure in Knox City and won the heart of a young demon female known as Beatrix; A local high school popular-girl who had the looks to boot. Her life had started to fall apart after the death of her boyfriend and future husband. Through her rebellion and decision to stray from the rules of her society she was outcast. Vad made himself known to most of the realm for the first time when he appeared in the cafeteria of Trixie's high school and offered her a better life.

      The hidden council of Daemon Capita conjoined Vad's soul with Beatrix's early on allowing him to be seen among the people of the realm. At first he was only visible to Trixie, but as time went on he was visible to all those within the realm. Having nothing but his brute strength, the young Saiyan kept his new girlfriend safe from her malevolent step parents who were trying to control her. Trixie's biological parents were unknown to her; the only information on them resides within the visions she receives occasionally while dreaming. They were the reason Vad was permitted to enter the Demon Realm; they knew he would be a perfect match for her daughters hidden potential. Unknown to her or anyone outside of Daemon Capita, Beatrix was the offspring of the most feared Daemon Capita soldiers from the first realm wars.

      On his twentieth birthday Vad was released from his mental prison. The duo left the Demon Realm and Trixie took up residence in her new boyfriends mind; being new to possession she could not take corporeal form. They spent the better part of three years carrying out gruesome acts of violence all over the universe. The Saiyan was then shipped to Earth for his final mission; his superiors hoped they could terminate him. Realizing that his skills had been too potent, resulting in him slaughtering his entire graduating class, they ultimately knew they had to dispose of him. They thought they could kill him; they were wrong.

      Fighting to the bitter end is an advantage when your opponent does not wish to perish.
    • Beatrix Demonic Bloodlines

      Bloodline Valkyrie

      "An Angel of Death is what we called them. You didn't see 'em a lot. Only a handful of the men I lead have ever seen one in combat. They aren't called in often. The rookie ones can take on battalions at once while the veterans...well let's just say you want to be as far away as possible when they get going." ~ Platoon Commander Jericho Silvis

      The Daemon Capita Valkyrian Bloodline

      When a female of demon descent is born into the Valkyrian bloodline the birth mother is killed as soon as the umbilical cord is cut. The little girl is then entered into a meditative state and telepathically brought to a maturity level of what most cultures call "wise men." Two types of Valkyrie stem from the new born children. A physically brutal and violent killer known as a "The Reichblut" and a calm, level headed type called "The Reichgeist." Each girl, upon aging to their first year, is subjected to a series of stress tests and extensive blood scans. They determine which gene said female inherited from the bloodline and plan accordingly for their education and induction into the military.

      The Reichblut or Imperial Blood

      The name was developed after a trio of Reichblut Valkyrie females slaughtered an entire planet in less than a day before killing each other. The force of an empire built into three women as some citizens put it in the stories. A Reichblut class Valkyrie is a rare occurrence and handled with extreme care when raising. These females barely form a bond with any men as they consider themselves superior and usually remain untouched throughout their centuries long lifespan. As an Imperial Blood valkyrie soldier fights she enters a rage. She becomes a ravaging tyrant that has one goal; to slaughter her current enemy. The Demon Military had to incorporate special teams tasked with detaining "Imperial Blood" females after a battle is through, because they'd start slaughtering ally troops just to quench their thirst for blood.

      The Reichgeist or Imperial Spirit

      The name for this Valkyrie soldier was developed when comparing them to their counterpart. They noticed that females born into this specific gene set of the blood line weren't as violent unless severely provoked through severe emotional trauma; even then a violent reaction was still occasional. They also found while examining the blood of one young woman that the bloodline could meld the Reichblut genes unto itself allowing both sides to be accessible. This happened with only one recorded female and she died during the attempt to bring out her alter ego/bloodline.

      **Side Note: Extensive research of the Reichgiest anomaly shed light to the possibility of it occurring among Reichblut Females. The gene pool acts like a school yard tease and takes on the traits of its sister bloodline. Further research concluded that the unleashing of the female's true bloodline may be random throughout her life. One of the leading theories was that by doing this mutation, the female's cells could unleash their true traits twice as strong when finally unlocked. This idea was quickly rejected for lack of supporting evidence. This has never happened in recorded history and nothing in the history manifests describes anything as powerful. Though the possibility exists, the information remains sealed and forgotten among thousands of other documents.

      Fighting to the bitter end is an advantage when your opponent does not wish to perish.