Breakball Recovered

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    • Breakball Recovered

      Look what I found in the Chubbs Wayback Archive! Lol

      Brief Overview

      Known as 'Breakball', the game is a mixture of both style and strength that pits warriors against each other in a sport designed for the skilled. These games are held in stadiums designed to hold near a half million spectators as matches will sometimes turn out whole planets to view even if the arena has a lack seating. Within the battle sphere, or "Bol-Strijd" in Saiya-jin tongue, two teams or four compete against one another as either side attempts to collide small metal objects into the opposing team's goals.


      The small spheres that serve as goals are known as "Bol-Kleines" which are often referred to by game enthusiasts as "BKs" for a smaller term.

      Sizes of the BKs break down into three categories that define the points scored upon contact of one, they are as follows...

      Largest - 1 Point(s)
      Medium - 3 Point(s)
      Smallest - 5 Point(s)

      In the field of battle there are many advantages to be taken hold of as the tournament itself isn't based alone upon skill of strength, determination, and intelligence.

      The metallics used in the tournament provides a mass amount of variation in strategy, though both score equally there is alterations that can be exploit in benefit for either team. Made of both the metals Katchin and Titanium, the two spheres hold specific differences about them that make this game all the more interesting as well as deadly.

      Field Layout

      The Bol-Strijd, in a simple appellation, is a massive globe of energy generated from two flux compasitors positioned at either end of the large stadium bowl to provide a constant flow to keep participants and audience separated from each other. Inside, the battle sphere is divided typically into two separate parts indicated by a crimson line drawn upon the ground below which the Bol-Strijd hovers over. One side belongs to the home team while the opposite to the visiting team. Before the game begins, members must be within their respective sides; only then will the playing orbs be released and the game initiated by the word "Break" coming from one of the game's administration viewing the tournament.

      Nanotechnology has provided the ability to produce small levitating orbs that serve as goals within the game. Consisting of three main sizes, the Bol-Kleines are aligned in a triangle shape behind the goalkeeper. There has also been a slight alteration to the electrical makeup of the force fields as now contact with any sort of metal will excite ions within the barriers, altering their color from a light blue to a deep crimson indicating a scored goal.

      After each scored goal the game will halted as the Bol-Strijd will pull all metallic objects into its center to signify the end of the round. When this occurs, both teams return to their specific sides till the beginning of the next round begins.


      Ground Rules

      1. Teams will consist of only four people, but an optional two players can remain on sidelines till needed in the field of play if one of the four lacks the ability to participate further.
      2. All ki based attacks are required to only have a two second charge time before being released within the Bol-Strijd.
      3. At the most, in play members of either team must maintain a ki level equal to or beneath 1,188,000 at all times.
      4. There is to be no communication between teammates outside the field of play to those inside, which includes telepathic messaging.
      5. Absolutely no metal objects are to be on any members of either team inside the battle sphere.
      6. Each team receives six (6) posts to role play in, length of time between the beginning of the game and end will be included with the initial post that accommodates the start of the thread.
      7. Reserve players may post which will contribute to the six-post restriction, but aren't allowed to control any of the characters currently in play.

      Instant Disqualification

      1. Killing any of the opposing team.
      2. Any uses of Metal Binding.
      3. Any techniques to alter/multiplying appearance.
      4. Concealed or foreign items on player.
      5. Surpassing ki level or charged ki restriction.
      6. Outside interferences by reserve players.
      7. Discovery of physical altering substances.
      8. A team fails to meet player quota on field.

      Keep in mind that posts relating to scoring shots will be taken and judged amongst a selective group then voted upon so that there are no biased calls or unfair decisions. Because of the wider group of reviewers for shot calls, the reviewers themselves may participate in the tournament till it is time for their own team to play; only then will their vote cease to count towards the call.

      Teams should begin finding their players as the tournament sign ups begin on the 31st of December and will last two weeks before the initial ceremonies to start the games begin.

      As with any tournament, there will be prizes to follow the victors. The final match of the games will reveal the winnings as well as this year's champions.

      Get hyped, get amped, get ready for Breakball Season 06!!!

      Fighting to the bitter end is an advantage when your opponent does not wish to perish.