Round 1 - Bulma vs Murasaki

  • Round 1 - Bulma vs Murasaki

    Scenerio - A teenage girl has been considering suicide for months. Finally, something pushes her over the edge and she goes for it, but changes her mind.

    Assignment - Roleplay the event that pushes the girl over the edge, and what makes her change her mind. Third person.

    Rules - Nobody can die. You must have another character outside the girl be involved in some way

    You have FIVE DAYS from this post to PM me your product. Put both your name and your oppenent in the subject
  • Round 1 - Bulma vs Murasaki


    The Sinners

    Part One

    The woman shoved the teen onto the bad, as she jumped on top of him. He put his hands on her waist, and reversed her; she then reversed him, lying on top of him once more. She placed her lips against his, as the two began to kiss. He caressed her body, as they continued to lock lips.

    10 minutes Later

    ?Man was that a party, or was that a party?? said the blonde haired girl, as the two continued to walk towards their homes. Her friend seemed to have something else occupying her mind. ?Yeah, I enjoyed it, the problem is, I was supposed to be babysitting today. I skipped it to come to the rave. Ooh my mom?s gonna kill me!?

    ?Hahahaha!? laughed the other female, who found Sandra?s predicament amusing. The other girl ignored her and frowned. ?See you later, and you might wanna fix your heel,? she said, looking down at the taller girl?s white coated heal, as it snapped onto the pavement, causing the girl to wobble. ?How?d you know that was going to happen??

    ?I?m psychic!? she bragged falsely. Her friend tightened her eyes, as she looked up at Sandra. ?I?ll get to the bottom of this,? she said pointed her finger at her while she spoke.

    ?See ya later,? laughed Sandra, as the two separated, both on there way to their homes. It was 2.15 AM, and unlike Samantha, Sandra was trying to think of another alternative of getting into her house. Going through the front door was no use, the floor boards on her stairs creaked, thus would wake up her mother; it usually did, so why would going through the front door be any different today? By now, the alcohol in the teen?s system had long worn off. She could see her room window perfectly clear, from her range.

    She took off her shoes and placed them in in a small bush in front of her house. There was no way she was going to climb to her bedroom window, with her two inched heels. She backed up from her house, and then did a long running jump, hanging onto the edge of a lower part of the house. She made her way up to her corridor window. It would have been very convenient if her room was in her corridor, but it was not. It was a good thing that she had left her bedroom window open, otherwise she would have had to find another alternative to get into her house, other than the front door. In order to get to her bedroom window, she had to go past her mother?s bedroom window. She crouched down, as she continued to make her way towards her mother?s rooms.

    Those noises?they seem to be coming from mother?s bedroom. Ooh, so she?s got some over has she? Great, this is the perfect distraction.

    The confident teen believed that she could cartwheel her way across her mother?s room without her noticing. She happily trotted in front of her mom?s room. The girl nosily peeked through the gap inside her curtains, trying to take a peak at her mom in action.

    Oh, this guys pretty good! Wait?the hair, the back?and the tattoos on them! No. No...just no. It can?t be, it can?t!

    She pinched herself to see still suffered from the effects of alcohol. She rubbed her arm, which proved she was perfectly sober. Her boyfriend and her mother having sex, it seemed virtually impossible to believe, let alone see. She took two steps backwards, immobilized by what she had seen. She tilted backwards, her feet was to the edge of the landing. She peered downwards, staring at the ground. During this time, the teen had managed to clear her mind a little. Without taking a second look, she quietly made her way to her bedroom window, eager to intrude on the two. Slowly lifting up the window, she entered room from the outside. The young female crept up to her room door, and then opened it. With a frown on her face, the girl made her way down the corridor; she was now so close to catching them out, that she could taste their humiliation. She made her way to her mother?s room door, and then squeezed onto the brass handle, pushing the door open with force and aggression.

    Part 2

    The two naked beings froze in horror. The teenage boy threw the elder woman off him. He was lost for words, for she had just caught him in the act. There was nothing the pair could say. Their actions could not be justified. Sandra was the only person in the room, who was not surprised. She would have been, if not for the fact that she had seen their sexual activity through her mother?s window. Her mom was still using her bed covers to cover up her chest. The enraged teenage girl lunged towards the woman. Before she could get the chance to pounce on her mother, her boyfriend, Bradley held onto her, giving her mother enough time to pick up her clothes. She retreated towards her bathroom, by now Sandra had powered her way out of the boys hold. She chased her mother towards the bathroom, managing to pursue her by diving onto her from behind, like a professional football player. She wrapped her arm tightly around her neck, placing the elder female in a chokehold. It was not as tight as Sandra had wanted, for some reason she was holding back, the compassion inside her was still there.

    Bradley quickly slipped on his boxer shorts and struggled to put on his pants, as his erected penis failed to slip into it. He had hoped in the time, he had done so, that his girlfriend?s mother was not dead by then. The boy managed to get his zipper caught while trying to rush to the woman?s aid. His erection still poked through his jeans. To Bradley, the woman had proved to be just as skilled as her daughter was, in the bedroom department. He rushed into the corridor, where the scene was and tried to pull Sandra?s right arm away from the woman?s neck. He struggled to remove her hands away from her, until eventually the girl let go. Sandra?s mother, Melody held onto her red and sore neck, as she began to cough.

    The teenage girl turned towards her boyfriend. ?So what, aren?t you going to explain?? her voice beamed out. He took a step backwards, putting his hands out in front of him, using them as a signal to try to tell her to calm down. ?Sandra,? her mother called, holding onto the corridor railings. ?I?m so sorry, I?m so sorry.? Tears rolled down her cheeks.

    ?You know what; stay the fuck away from me! Stay a meter away from me because if you don?t, I swear to God!? She held her face with both hands, trying to calm herself down. Her mother froze still, with her hand out. ?Sandra,? called Bradley. In an immediate reaction, she threw her fist at his nose, connecting, causing a strand of blood to flow from his left nostril. She pointed her finger at him. ?You, get out of my house!? The ferocious teen then turned to her mother. ?You, out of my sight!? she ordered.

    ?What?s going to happen to us?? asked Bradley with concern. He was hoping that they were still an item. She laughed pathetically at him. ?Are you serious? Hahahaha, you think we?re still together huh?? As she went closer to her, he began walking backwards. She pointed her index finger at him in an aggressive manner ?We?re finished, over!. Get the fuck out of my house!?

    ?No, I can?t leave you like this, no,? he refused.

    ?Okay you?re not leaving.? She turned away from him, towards her mother, who still stood still, just watching her daughter, with sorrow. The slightly shorter female brushed past her mother and entered her room. ?I can?t leave her, I still love her,? he told Melody. Her look of sorrow, turned into a frown. She stared at him angrily, and then spoke. ?Just leave,? she told him.

    ?I can?t?? He did not get a chance to finish off what he was saying, as the infuriated girl burst out of her room with a metal pole, gripped tightly in her left hand. He stood still, testing her, waiting to see if she would really use the weapon. She stormed over to him, ready to swing. He ducked, and then made a run towards the stairs. He raced down the stairs quickly. She followed in pursuit, hoping she could catch up to her target. He reached for the front door handle, but had no time to open it, as she swung the piece of metal once more. The pole slammed against the woman door, missing his head, as he ducked once more. She was pissed off even more, now that she had missed.

    Melody raced down the stairs. ?Sandra, stop this. Please, let?s all talk about this!? She ignored her, chasing him through the kitchen. He rushed to the backdoor. She followed him, it seemed wherever he ran to, she was not far behind. She swung once more, shattering the glass window, which led to the garden. This was Bradley?s moment, now that she was vulnerable with her back turned. He used the opportunity to grab hold of her from behind. The teen wrestled to take the pole out of her hands. Her mother rushed over to aid him. He had finally managed to get the weapon off her, after numerous attempts. The boy held the weapon in his hand, while she was still on the ground. ?Go now Bradley, GO NOW!? shouted the girl?s mom.

    ?I love you Sandra!? he told her. It was his way of saying goodbye, for now. Gritting her teeth, the teenage girl leapt up from the ground, ready to attack him. Her mother managed to intervene, by standing in front of her path, blocking her. The two females tussled, giving Bradley enough time to make his exit. Sandra pushed her mother onto the front part of the burgundy worktop. The force of the push caused Melody?s back to slam on the wooden surface. ?Aaarrgh,? the women cried out, as she held her back, collapsing on both knees. Sandra?s head rotated from left to right, her eyes stopped at the pile of stainless steel knives which were lined up in columns, on a wooden knife rack. She rushed over and pulled out a chef knife, the largest knife in the bunch. ?Sandra, I know I?ve made the biggest mistake of my life, I know what I did was wrong and foolish, but?I am your mother! Do you really want to kill me??

    ?You, Hahaha? she laughed. ?Who said anything about killing you? I don?t give a damn about you anymore!? she yelled, as tears from both of her red eyes, now rolled down her cheeks. ?I?ll see you in HELL!? Melody immediately discovered that the sharp weapon was not supposed to be used to stab her, but her daughter. Sandra placed the knife to her stomach, looking down, as it pressed against her stomach. ?SANDRA NOOO!? screamed her mother. ?SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP. If you really cared about me, you would not have slept with the boy I?ve been going out with for two years! I loved him. I LOVED HIIIIIIM!? she roared out.

    ?Sandra put the knife down!? The girl ignored her; she still had the knife pressed against her stomach, ready to send her self into another life. Melody went down on her knees, with her hands out, like a street beggar. ?I?m not even asking for your forgiveness, please just put down the knife. You are my only daughter, and I love you very much!?

    ?Love me?? Sandra was not one bit convinced. ?Why did you do it? I hate you for life, I HATE YOU!?

    ?I?d rather you hate me for life, that you end your own. Go ahead, kill me if you want, but please don?t kill yourself.?

    ?Don?t tell me what I can and cannot do. You?re not my mother!?

    ?You have every right to think that.? Melody would not usually tolerate the way her daughter is talking to her right now, but at this precise moment, she had to do everything in her power to bring the girl back into her senses. She had to save her daughter from her own destruction, her self-destruction. Taking abuse from her child seemed to be working in Melody?s favour. Blood dripped from the back of the girl?s mother. She guessed it had happened when her daughter pushed her onto the worktop. ?Sandy.?

    ?Don?t call me that. Don?t call me by my name!? explained the teen. The mother continued to play it her child?s way. ?You have your whole life ahead of you. You are a bright girl; do not throw your life away. Take my life instead; go on stab me, do it!? A tear made had managed to make its way to Melody?s chin, as she clenched her fist. She used it to pound her stomach repeatedly; continuing to egg on her daughter to stab her, really, deep down hoping her daughter would not. As much as the woman did not love her life right now, dying was not what she had hoped. ?I?m a sinner, I deserve this,? continued the woman. Sandra glared into her mother?s watery eyes. Nobody deserved to die, not even her mother. Her mother was right, she had her whole life in front of it, and she was not about to end it because of her mother and her Ex ? Boyfriend. Sandra had ambitions in life, and she was not about to end her dreams. She believed in Karma, by going to church, she believed that God would find a way of punishing her mother.

    Mom, I will leave you in God?s hands!

    Sandra dropped the knife onto the ground, and fell onto her knees, with her eyes closed. She spoke to God trough her mind.

    Lord, I know you are a God, who forgives those for their sins, but please punish my mother, and help heal the terrible pain I am feeling in my heart.
  • Round 1 - Bulma vs Murasaki


    ?What do you mean you failed Math?? An enraged father shouted his daughter sitting at the kitchen table her hands buried in her arms.

    ?Honey claim down, please let her explain, Lacy do you have anything to say?? Her mother said, in a coaxing mannar, trying to get her daughter to feel a little better in light of the situation. The girl raised her head, the blond hair waving as he did so. Tears streamed down her precious face, her eyes were bloodshot. She shook her head, she didn?t want to talk, not now, or ever to her parents again.

    ?Well missy, you better start thinking of something soon, I want some damn answers.? Her fathers voice was raising, his blood pressure shooting through the roof. The vein that tends to pop out of your forehead when you are anger was pulsating. Lacy look at him, her face turning from sorrow to anger.

    ?You are not my father, shut up, JUST SHUT UP!? She stood up, grabbed her purse by its handle and walked towards the door.

    ?Don?t walk away from me young lady, we aren?t done here.?
    ?Jon, let her go, lets all claim down, we can figure this out in the morning.?

    Lacy walked out the door slamming it behind her as she left. Reaching into her purse she grabbed a rectangular box from her purse. Taking the lighter from her pocket she lit her cigarette and began walking down the street. He took a long drag as she made the right at the end of the cul-de-sac and began to walk north, towards the school. Her mind drifted, her thoughts melted into one, one solitary thought that had been lingering within her for the past few weeks.

    ?Remember, your final is on Tuesday, second final of the day, these schedules confuse me to, so make sure you are here.? The class barley acknowledged the teacher; it was the last full day of class. Cards were strewn across the desks, idol chatter filled the room.

    ?Hey you going to the party tonight?? a slender boy asked the pretty girl in front of him. He had waited all year to talk to her and he finally did, on the last day of school.

    ?When is it?? Lacy responded, she obviously was the pretty girl.

    ?I don?t know, I heard it started at 8. Kevin Copps house.?


    The students quickly got up from their seats grabbing their books and stuffing them within their backpacks. Quickly filing out of the class room Lacy turned to go home, she didn?t hear right, now she couldn?t have.

    That was your first mistake. How could you. How could you be so stupid as to plan a party on that night. You said you were going out of town. How could you be having a party if you were going out of town?

    She took another long drag from her fag and exhaled, quickening her speed. Sighing she drifted back to that night, everything coming into place.

    ?Alright mom, I?ll see you tomorrow morning.?
    ?Ok Lac, don?t stay out to late.?
    ?Wouldn?t dream of it,? she shouted back, closing the door behind her and locking it. The music from the party could be heard from her front door, Kevin didn?t live that far away.

    Popping a piece of gum in her mouth she started to walk, slow at first, she needed to think of what to say, how to word it. It just didn?t make sense, why would he lie to her? She crossed the street, sure enough cars were lined up and down the street, at least twenty people were standing out front, a burning trash can sat in the middle of the drive way. Tentatively she walked past, towards the door. It was open. She walked inside, closing it to keep the noise down.

    Turning at the hallway she made her way down it, there was nobody down there. Making a left at the end and then a right after the bathroom she came to two rooms. Slowly she turned the handle on the door, the light was on, there was noise. Opening it further she peered in. In shock she stood there, Kevin, Jacki, her best friend?together. They didn?t even notice her presence in the room.

    Outraged she shouted; ?WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!??

    Kevin nearly fell out of the bed, pulling the sheet over himself as he stared dumbfounded towards the door. Jacki just sat there, pulling out her mirror and began to fix her hair.

    ?Honey, wha?no wait, I can explain.?
    ?Really, like she tripped and you fell? No really go ahead, explain why you seem to be FUCKING my best friend.?

    Jacki looked up.
    ?Oh and don?t even get me started on you. You, you little two faced bitch. Jesus do you have to go around whoring yourself out to the first guy you see at a party. Fucking H Chirst! You slut.

    She turned, her eyes beginning to tear as she walked through the now crowded hall way. She pushed and shoved but finally made it back to the door, Kevin right on her heels. He reached his hand out, gripping her by the arm, but she tugged away turning back and pointing at him.

    ?You don?t get to touch me ever again. I don?t ever want to see you, And I don?t ever want to speak to you again.?

    She turned again and walked off.

    God how could I have been so stupid? How on earth could I fall for such a pig. And with tonight, No its not worth it. She finished her cigarette and tossed it on the grassy field. She lifted herself from the play structure and pulled her pack out again. Hmm?last one. He flung the pack over her shoulder and lit the cigarette. As she began to walk home her mind filled with ways. Ways to do it, to end it all. All the suffering, the misery, the pain.

    Opening her front door the lights were off. Her mother, and Jackass were both asleep. She silently crept into the kitchen her mind trying to find a nice easy way, a knife, that would be quick and effective. Pulling a satisfactory blade from the holder she propped herself up on the counter and held the knife over her vein. A slight tear dripped down her cheek as she applied pressure to the skin.

    A dark home. People wore black, Lacy?s mother was sitting over in the corner, crying, no bawling. Her father stood over her mother, his hands placed upon her shoulders, wait, they didn?t speak anymore. Her friends were there, her grandparents, all of them sad their eyes had tears in them, real tears. A few made speeches about Lacy, each one beautiful, each one unique. They were truly saddened.


    She was pulled back to reality, the knife hitting the ground below her. She sniffled, as she wiped her eyes. Climbing down from the counter she walked down the hallway, flicking off the light as she left the room.

    I?m over reacting, I have to be. Even if I?m not I can?t let them go through that.