Round 1 - Shu vs Spice vs Violet

  • Round 1 - Shu vs Spice vs Violet

    Scenerio - You're a pilot in the Air Force for your home country. While patrolling the skies, you suddenly see a huge surprise attack on a city below you.

    Assignment - Roleplay yourself in the sky and what you see below you during the terrorist attack. First person

    Rules - You cannot actually participate in the event. You are only a spectator from the sky. You CAN receive orders and talk to people in your headset.

    You have FIVE DAYS from this post to PM me your product. Put both your name and your oppenent in the subject
  • Round 1 - Shu vs Spice vs Violet


    It was blue skies as far as the eye could see. Not a single could ruined the perfect blanket of perfection before me as I piloted my jet above the city. It was just past 8 am, and I was dispatched for my daily round patrolling the airways above Miami.

    Before I left this morning, I made sure to call my mother, like I did every morning, to let her know everything was going well, my bills were paid, and I had food in my stomach. Mothers were notorious for nagging, and were especially harsh with the ?Hi, honey, how are you doing? You wanna come back home?? deal. Even though it aggravated the hell out of me, I knew it was only her being concerned. Couldn?t blame her.

    In all my time as an air force pilot, I?ve served in operations across the ocean, and now, being back home, I felt a peace and security that over there, I didn?t feel. It was good to be in America.

    ?Five Zero One, do you copy?? crackled the voice through my headset.

    ?Five Zero One, go ahead.?

    ?What is your position??

    I checked my compass and relayed the coordinates. ?Five Zero One, we?ve received information that there is unknown airway activity in your vicinity. Go check it out, and report back with any information.? He gave me the coordinates of the last known position.


    The connection suddenly broke, and I wheeled my jet around, heading back into the heart of Miami. I was the only one supposed to be patrolling the skies today over the city, but ahead, I could make out the white blur of another jet, careening just a little too low over downtown.

    Just as I reached up to my headset to radio in to base, there was a massive explosion, and a mushroom cloud of flames. Even from up here, I could hear the crunch of rock and steel as it collapsed below me.

    Accelerating ahead, Just over the site, the other jet was gone, but the remnants lay below, torn into millions of tiny pieces, and what was left of the Arena, where thousands of people had gathered this morning for the address from the Governor.

    Panic seized my body, as I frantically called over my headset; ?WE HAVE TOUCHDOWN!! I REPEAT, WE HAVE TOUCHDOWN! WE NEED EMS AND ALL 5-0 to the Arena AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. MASSIVE CIVILIAN CASUALTIES. OVER.? My voice was rushed, but clear. Heart thumping in my chest, I knew I couldn?t land, I had to keep watch to make sure there weren?t more.

    ?Will you repeat that, Five Zero One??

    I did as commanded, this time, a little calmer, but still, the panic never left my voice. Rolls of smoke and debris flowed out into the streets, people running as fast as their legs could carry them. I knew I had to do something?but was helpless. My eeys fixated on the arena, or what was left of it.

    Flames licked towards the formerly perfect blue sky, smoke as black as night swirling within its brightness. I knew that the survivor rate was going to be low, and who was left, well, I was afraid to even think of it. When all this was over, I knew life wasn?t going to be the same.

    It was 10 am, and all across the smoke filled sky, not a single aircraft could be seen, all except for my own, just lazily patrolling the terror filled area above the city. Dispatches were fed over my headset, keeping me informed of what was happening. Pretty soon, they were going to order me out of the skies, just to be on the safe side.

    Dozens upon dozens of sirens filled the air, and to match those, swirling red and blue lights, screaming through the streets of Downtown. The hospital was going to have a heyday, I thought grimly. Dammit?I should have done something. There was plenty of time for me to swoop in, and avert the path of the other jet?plenty of time.

    For some reason, I knew I had a fault, that I could have prevented this, nothing could assuage my guilt.

    ?Five Zero One, you are commanded to land at the nearest base, and await your next orders, copy.?

    With a tear trailing down my pale cheek, I responded, ?Copy, Commander. Five Zero One, out.?
  • Round 1 - Shu vs Spice vs Violet


    A knock sounded at the door. The man stood from his chair in front of the luminated television and lumbered to the entrance. The metal knob was cold, and a good pull was needed to open the door, where two teenagers stood in the blistering heat of summer. It was the man?s nephews. The man was 43 years old and had greying hair, wore contact lenses and who?s belly protruded from his body, pulling the back of his shirt tighter.

    ?Uncle Howard, me and my brother were wondering if you could tell us that story now.? Said the boy on the left, who had brown curly hair and glasses, brown eyes too.

    ?Well, I suppose.? Howard replied, much to the delight of the boy on the left, but to the boredom of the one to the right who had brown strait hair with streaks of white in it.

    The two propped themselves on couch opposite the window facing the front yard, one occupying himself with a portable poker game, the other waiting for the story.

    ?All of it? asked Howard; and when the boy nodded he continued, ?Ok, I suppose it starts with the takeoff??

    I felt the plane bumping and jittering about as my plane raced down the runway with my comrades to every side of me. I was almost smack dab in the middle of the squad. It was scheduled as a routine air patrol, we all had fun with the thought that in all the years we had flown, not much had happened, so nothing would happen that day.

    I pulled on the controller and felt a moment of smoothness, then bumping. Finally the front began to ease upwards so it could get into the air. Within seconds of feeling the front lift, I felt the bumping and jittering stop. That was always the worst part of the flight, I thought, I mean the takeoff. But seeing that ground quickly gather distance from me, or rather as I gathered distance from the ground, now that was the best. Feeling the G-force, the pressure, hearing some of the guys giggle at the feeling, it never got old.

    We reached the desired altitude, which I think probably hurt some kids ears as we flew by during recess. I think they were kids at least. It didn?t matter; because up there I was the one in power, save for the commander, who was the real authority of us in the skies.

    We were in the air force, got out of training a few months earlier, flew a lot since then, and enjoyed every minute of it. We hadn?t been sent over seas yet, so we were anxiously waiting.

    It was very ideal flying conditions, or at least to me it was. It was partly cloudy, little to no turbulence, and a sun that shone on us brightly. Of course by the time we reached the second or third city, the sky was beginning to cloud up more and more. I think it was the third or fourth city we passed that was attacked.

    We were almost on the edge of the city when the eruptions started. Then one after another, buildings were desecrated in a wave effect as the chain of bombs explodes down the city in the direction we were heading. We didn?t see much of the first few buildings that were hit, but we saw the rest. I saw the rest, I should say, I don?t know if the others were looking.

    It seemed that the bombs were planted in some schools, office buildings, and near very large houses. A lot of the major buildings were hit, as I found out in the news later the bombs were planted in some banks, crowded schools, office buildings, and some outside of residential houses.

    From where I was in the air, I couldn?t see clearly the aftermath of the blasts. I found myself wondering who could orchestrate such a big and widespread attack. I knew it would be tragic. I could have sworn that I heard screaming from below, I probably did. The thought sent chills down my spine.

    As we moved quickly across the city, the devastation became clearer. People were pouring in the street, weeping and screaming, bleeding, and dieing. I think I heard some of the crew choking up, and that was something we never did. Even I couldn?t help letting a tear flow down my cheek.

    The black excrement?s flowed from the burning rubble of the toppled buildings. I suppressed the urge to piss myself with sadness and fear for the people I figured may be trapped under the broken walls, and fiery inferno, which would slowly burn through until they died from a lack of oxygen and intense burning heat.

    Their screams seemed to lift with their souls whose face?s seemed to embed themselves to the wall of the billowing smoke. Moments seemed like eternities, it was like flying through a part of hell that seeped through the earth in burst of flame. I couldn?t watch anymore, so I looked away.

    ?The news will tell me the rest,? I thought shakily as I manuvered past the columns of darkness that now protruded from the earth like limbs from a body. Good god, we would have to turn back and go through it again.

    I thought I heard someone weep; it may have been me. And that was something we never did.