Round 2 - Krillin vs Bardock

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  • Round 2 - Krillin vs Bardock

    Scenerio - A team of astronauts has been ordered to orbit the Earth for a week in a space station before they can return home. However, their plans are foiled when a small meteor shower threatens to hit the capital of their country, and other towns surrounding it.

    Assignment - Write the story of the astronaut crew above the space station as they minimize the meteor shower. Third-person, all-knowing.

    Rules - The entire crew must die. The meteor shower must be stopped, at least by 85%. You CAN use some creative leverage by making up things. Feel free to change the year to make it more futuristic

    You have FIVE DAYS from this post to PM me your product. Put both your name and your oppenent in the subject
  • Round 2 - Krillin vs Bardock

    Man, I totally need more time. I've been swamped lately with college kicking off in a week, and I haven't had the time for this.

    I'll have something up tonight.

    Mal Nova wrote:

    I do apologize for using the word rape. There are four separate definitions for the word rape, two of which describe vegetation...
  • Round 2 - Krillin vs Bardock


    ?OH SHIT!?

    A large chunk of meteor pierced through Chris Kramer?s chest, effectively ending his life. A shocked and surprised look was frozen on his face, as it would be for the remainder of his lifeless existence. The astronaut?s body floated freely, no longer consciously controlled.

    ?NOOO!!? his sister Caitlin screamed. Remy grabbed her by the shoulder and ignited his jet pack, pulling them both closer to the safety of the ship. Caitlin?s horror was further amplified when a second, larger meteor wiped out the elder Kramer?s shell completely.

    ?He?s gone! And we will be too if we don?t get back to the ship!? Remy roared.

    Over the comm. link, another voice yelled frantically, ?Hurry your asses up! They?re coming in faster!?

    ?Thanks Kurt, because I didn?t know that at all!? Remy replied sarcastically as space rocks hurtled towards them at breakneck speed. The two had reached the docking bay, and the door opened expectantly. Remy flipped around and shoved Caitlin in first, but an errant rock the size of a quarter drilled through his leg before he could get completely inside. He screamed in pain as a stream of blood levitated from the open wound.

    The airlock shut and was de-pressurized. Phil rushed in to assist Remy. Caitlin threw her helmet off and stormed up to the bridge, tears flowing down her face.

    Suddenly, a violent crash and tremor rocked the ship, followed by a blaring alarm. Phil was knocked to the floor, and down several hallways, so was Caitlin. At the control panel of the bridge, Kurt managed to keep himself in his chair, but the spinning of the ship kept him from accurately assessing the damage report that was flashing on the screen.

    When the shaking settled, he quickly studied the monitor, and, in realization of the next few moments, chuckled half-heartedly, ?Well that sucks.?

    The astronauts, after what was meant to be a pioneering mission to mine precious materials from other planets, had discovered a large meteor shower approaching. Unfortunately, the shower was on direct collision course with the capitol of their country. Hence, their government ordered them to stop it using the high-tech mining equipment. The only thing suitable enough was the stone-cutting laser, which was now a heaping pile of twisted metal due to the bombardment.

    Quickly, the crew reassembled in the bridge, Phil assisting a now-limping Remy.

    ?Well kids, I got some bad news,? Kurt announced.

    ?Aside from the fact that your stupid idea got my brother killed?? Caitlin accused.

    ?See, here?s the thing,? Kurt continued gravely. He looked at them each in turn. ?None of us are going to make it. That last blast destroyed the engine and fried the piloting system.?

    ?So?? Phil argued. ?We can wait for a rescue team. We still have all the cargo intact, right??

    ?Yeah,? the other nodded.

    ?So then even if our lives aren?t worth their time and money, the stuff we got is. They?ll have to come and get it. We still have enough supplies to last a while.?

    ?Love the enthusiasm, Phil,? Remy grunted. ?Except we?re directly in the path of the shower.?

    The older astronaut set his wounded companion against a wall, shaking his head furiously. ?So that?s it? We?re just going to die? Isn?t there something we can do? I mean, I?m all for patriotism and everything but they can rebuild the capitol can?t they? Everyone?s been given enough warning to evacuate! I mean, it?s not like somebody else is nuking it or anything.?

    ?Phil, shut up,? Remy snapped.

    ?No! You shut up! I want to live!? he snapped back.

    ??Fraid you don?t get a choice in the matter, buddy. We got a few minutes, half an hour at most before this bitch comes down on us,? Kurt shrugged.

    As they spoke, the bulk of the space rocks descended towards their ships.

    ?We can stop most of them, and the rest plus the debris of the ship will most likely burn up in the atmosphere. If it?s any consolation, we?ll be nationally acclaimed heroes,? the pilot shrugged, leaning back on the monitor.

    ?Fuck that. It doesn?t make me feel better at all! I can?t believe you all are just giving up!?

    ?Do you think I want to die, Phil? I?ve got a wife and kids at home, and they?re all expecting me to come home in a few days!? Kurt growled, finally losing his patience.

    At those words, a small object caught the corners of their eyes, like a bullet. A perfectly circular steaming hole was now in the floor. It was starting.

    Remy hobbled over to Caitlin, who at first pushed him away. At his insistence, he hugged her.

    ?I?m sorry about your brother. We?ll all see him soon.?

    Kurt bowed his head in prayer, while Phil sulked off to a corner, knees tucked into his chest. Caitlin returned Remy?s hug, fresh tears rolling down her face.

    Outside their ship, the meteor shower began to pepper the hull. Electrical explosions from inside the space vehicle could be seen, almost giving off the appearance of fireworks.

    The last thing they all saw was a flash of white light.
  • Round 2 - Krillin vs Bardock

    Yeah. You're right. I didn't much like it myself. But it was an entry, and that was all I needed.

    _=So wake me when it's through
    I don't want to feel the things that you do
    Don't worry, I'll be fine
    I just don't want this dream, wake me up inside=_