Round 3 - Reijin vs Raditzu vs Bardock

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  • Round 3 - Reijin vs Raditzu vs Bardock


    "I'm not letting him get away!"

    The battle had lasted for hours, leaving the heroes incapacitated at the the remains of what had previously been a BioTechnical Lab, known as Anix. Team XTREME had arrived on the scene to find Crusher and his Cratorians to be holding the company under siege. According the the authorities, Crusher was hoping to attain an experimental new technology that would empower his Geokinetic abilities far beyond what they already were.

    A green haired vixen in a navy blue leotard ran up to a a sleek muscular man whose wild blond hair and sunglasses identified him as Amaze-O, the leader of Team XTREME. He'd been the man to utter the words that began what would go down as the final battle to end final battles. "I'll hold off the Cratorians while you go ahead. He dropped through the ground over there, but you won't survive the fall..." She trailed off as he gave his trademark smirk and pulled out a rod from his belt.

    Pressing a button on the belt, the rod suddenly expanded out a length before morphing into the hoverboard that he regularly used for transportation. "Don't worry. Just hold my ground!" was his final statement before he leapt headfirst into the hole, dropping through an expanse that was no more than two feet in diameter as hard sharpened rock surrounded him on all sides. He hurtled with a velocity that could only be described as XTREME as his dark shades began to project red imagery that helped him identify the surrounding marks on the hole during his fall into the pitch abyss. "That's right, let's do this!" he screamed, seeing an approaching area of steel beams crossing his path.

    Turning his body, he used the board to supply wind resistance to maneuver his way through the steel as if he were on a street luge. For Amaze-O, this was nothing short of fun. The red along his glasses suddenly flashed and grew brighter, and he ripped the shades off and snapped them to the gold belt that adorned his sleek green suit, designed to follow all of the colors of the Mountain Dew can. He had always found it funny while the others never truely understood.

    His eyes grew accustomed to a growing light in the distance and he realized that he was hurtling head first towards a pit of rocks that narrowly covered a stream of lava. Exploding into a large cave chamber, he thrust his hoverboard beneath his feet and continued his rush to the rocks as they suddenly sunk into the lava. He swirved at the last moment, rushing over the surface of the lava until he reached a stable area of rock to stand on. Snatching the board from his feet, it returned its morph to its rod form before expanding into a tall staff. The superhero turned, his rod spinning nimbly within his grasp as he turned, coming face to face with a tall but wiry man.

    "So you've decided to create a new sandbox for us to play in," Amaze-O taunted him. "Right, Crushinator?"

    The man's face contorted with rage as he angrily corrected the hero. "It's Crusher!"

    The dark haired man ran his fingers through his wild locks as he chuckled. "Oh, right. Sorry, you bad guys all have fairly lame names so I tend to forget them."

    Crusher crossed his arms before him and pulled his dark brown cloak around him. "We've been at war for seven months already! You should know to TREMBLE before my name by now... I'll crush you!" he taunted, recieving laughter from Amaze-O. "Stop laughing, you piss ant! What form of name is Amaze-O, anyways?"

    The hero flashed him a thumbs up before responding. "Its something you wouldn't understand, beings that you are not a member of el Teamo XTREME-O."